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How to make Gnocchi Casalinga Cooking

How to make Gnocchi is presented in this episode of the Italian Casalinga Cooking show.

Learning to cook in Italy

learning to cookThe Irresistible aroma and taste of olive oil, Intoxicating aroma of fresh firewood baked pizzas, and the Invigorating flavor of wine, spell Italian cuisine. Meals in Italy are actually feasts where family and friends gather for a delectable 3-4 course extravaganza. If you want your family and friends to enjoy this extravaganza, you can learn to cook Italian food through any one of the many cooking schools in Italy.

Learning to cook in Italy…

Restaurants in Italy by bhat

italian seaside restaurantItalian meals are complete feasts by themselves, filling, exotic, rich delicacies soaked in olive oil and smelling of firewood oven accompanied by exquisite wines. So when romancing the cities of Italy, a must have companion is information on restaurants in the various cities of Italy. However, before you find out a suitable restaurant to dine it, you must know the various types of restaurants that you would find in Italy, such as:

Restaurants in Italy by bhat…

Studying Fashion in Italy

study fashion in italyItaly is synonymous with the word fashion. It is one of the fashion capitals of the world and Italians are truly passionate about style and fashion, it is certainly is the Mecca of fashion. The fashion industry in Italy and across the world runs on and continuously seeks new talent in fashion design. This perpetual need for emerging talent makes Italy a hub of fashion schools and institutes teaching fashion. So, if you have want to study fashion, learn it from the connoisseurs.

Studying Fashion in Italy…

Casalinga Italian Cooking – Rosa’s story

The story of our first casalinga cook appears in this episode of the Italian Casalinga Cooking show.

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