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Salve e benvenuti! Hello and welcome! Here at you will find out everything you need to know to make the most of your next visit to Italy.

Travel Italy

Visit us regularly to catch the best deals on airfares & tours to & around Italy. Whether you want to drive yourself or let a guide show you the way around Italy.

Shopping in Italy

What would a trip to Italy be without shopping? Stay on top of the cutting edge trends in fashion. Find the best shops and designers to help you fill your suitcases for the trip home. Specialty boutiques can be found throughout the country.

Italian Food

Italy is famous for it’s culinary wonders. Each region has it’s own unique flavors and style of Italian cooking. Of course we can help you pick the perfect restaurant in every city you visit. Find the ideal cafe where you can rest and relax with an espresso in the heat of the day.

Learn Italian, cooking, culture, art & fashion

If you desire to study in Italy, we can help you identify the ideal places, people and organisations you need to work with to gain all the knowledge you seek. Culinary, history, culture, art and fashion. Italy has lessons for you that simply cannot be had anywhere else on the planet.

Real Estate in Italy

If you are planning an extended stay, we can put you in touch with reputable realtors all over the country. Whether you want to relax in Sicily or breath the mountain air near Turin, we can help you find the perfect location for your temporary or permanent relocation.


Take advantage of our feeds and stay abreast of the top news stories in Italy. We can help you plan the perfect trip. Don’t miss a fiesta or parade because you visited a city the day after. Make sure your itinerary includes all the events, historic locations, and beautiful attractions you are longing to experience.


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