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Rome seems to have its own gravitational pull, attracting not only millions of tourists each year, but also the most creative artists and thinkers of every era. All that surrounds a visitor in Rome – the stunning art and architecture, the terrible traffic, the grandeur of scale and the lively (almost hyperanimated) citizens – guarantees an unforgettable visit. Rome as we find it is a supreme palimpsest. The ruins of pagan temples have become the foundation of Christian churches, ancient theaters have been made into medieval family fortresses, and Corinthian columns have become part of new walls. Layers of the ages exist, one on top of the other, but the flow of Roman life is ever forward, with a respect for its glorious past. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and don’t expect to see it in one. You could spend a full day seeing everything in the area of the ancient center: the Michelangelo-designed Campidoglio, the Palatine Hill (with its charming little museum) and the Roman Forum, as well as the nearby Colosseum. The basilicas take a little longer because they are spread out around the city. If it’s views you’re after, climb the dome of St. Peter’s or admire the panorama from the top of the Spanish Steps (better yet, from the Pincio Gardens above it) at sunset, or walk around the Colosseum to catch a glimpse of the Forum. From these vantage points you’d well understand why Rome is called the Eternal City. Bustling, beautiful Rome, sprawling among its seven hills, is fascinating for both its ancient and its modern wonders.


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