Greetings from Italy!

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Italy Open-Air Markets

As you roam and explore Italy one of the resourceful ways to pick up that unique souvenir or gift for friends back home, is to go shopping at an outdoor market. Many local villages and larger cities have a traditional weekly market. The streets are closed off to traffic and convert into a sprawling flea market. Local vendors set up table shops offering a wide range of items from the inexpensive knickknack and bric-a-brac to gastronomical delicacies.

Italy Open-Air Markets…

Factory Outlet in Milan Italy Video

Designer and Discount Fashion Outlet: Italian fashion designers sale their fashion in factory outlet stores in Milan and Italy

Shopping in Italy

Shopping in Italy is not just a pleasure for tourists, but also for the locals. Notably, Italian produced merchandise is known, world wide, for its style, creativity, and quality and workmanship. Though the key sought product is fashion related, there is a large market for leather goods, ceramics, glassware, artworks, handcrafted work, jewelry, and antiques. From the major retail stores, to family run small ‘everything’ shops, to the open-air markets, you will surely find something to perk your shopping interest.

Shopping in Italy…

Milan Italy Milano Shopping Sales Saldi

A brief tour of shopping in Milan. In and near the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele the emphasis is on fashion and shopping.


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