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Money Transactions

ATMS are known as Bancomats in Italy and are easily located everywhere so that you can use your ATM. You can choose your language preference prior to your transactions. The currency used is Euro and most of the shops in major tourist destinations accept traveler’s check. Keep your receipts of currency exchange in case they are required for re-conversion to dollars or local currency while leaving the country.

Customs and Luggage

Most of the personal use items are allowed free entry into the country. For a complete detailed list you can always visit the official Italian government website. However, luggage is thoroughly examined while entering or leaving the country. This is also to ensure that tourists do not purchase and counterfeit items. This is being enforced as a part of Italian Tourism effort. A fine of 10000 Euros is levied for anyone found purchasing counterfeit item and criminal charges against anyone selling such stuff. Tourists travelling to Italy from other countries are allowed to bring in souvenirs from other countries to be taken to their homeland thereafter.

Contact and Connectivity

Public telephones are available all across the country. Calling cards (Carta Telefonica) can be easily purchased at any local shop, news stand, and coffee shop for local or international calls. Proper local or international dialing codes need to be prefixed before dialing any city in the country or overseas. Alternatively, if you want to save on your telephone bills you can run to the nearest cybercafés which are pretty easy to find in Italy. You can look up for the nearest café in the local directory or internet guide.

Contact and Connectivity…

Electrical Supply

Electricity is available at 50Hz and 220 volts with two or three flat pins. All electrical appliances carried by tourists need to have transformers either purchased prior to entering the country or bought locally at the destination. The plugs are round which means you need to carry adapter plug as well.

Transportation While In Italy

You want to ensure that while you are vacationing in Italy, you will have a way to get around doing all the things you have planned. There are many different options available to you. It just depends on where you want to go as to how you are going to get there. No doubt, you will want to see as much of the country as you possibly can while you are there. Make sure you have your camera for taking those photo memories.

Transportation While In Italy…

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