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The Italian Chamber of Commerce – Sydney

italian chamber of commerceThe Chamber in Sydney is the oldest and largest Italian Chamber of Commerce in Australia. There are 74 Italian Chambers around the world, operating in 48 countries which creates a network of over 30,000 members, a global turnover of 75 million euros and over 2,500 employees. We are currently ranked number 1 in this network, and have been for the past three years. The Italian Chamber of Commerce – Sydney…

The Italian Chamber of Commerce – Melbourne

italian chamber of commerceThe Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Australia – Melbourne Inc. is an independent government agency estabilished in order to promote and facilitate trade between Italy and Australia, particularly Victoria, through proactive consultancy and skilled project management. It is a member of the worldwide network of the Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad and it brings together some of the leading companies from Italy and Australia. Our members range from small businesses to banking institutions and multinational companies.

Italian Chambers of Commerce in Australia

italian chamber of commerceThe Chamber system in Australia is comprised of five ICCI’s (Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth & Sydney) and is a member of the worldwide network of 71 Italian Chambers of Commerce. Its goal is to bring together Italian and Australian companies, in order to create value and business. Its members represent different categories of business: from small and medium sized companies to multinationals and banking institutions. Italian Chambers of Commerce in Australia…

Co.As.It. was established in 1968 to fulfil two distinct aims: to promote the Italian language and culture in NSW and to assist the growing number of migrants arriving from Italy.

Since this time Co.As.It. has evolved to meet the changing needs of the community. Being true to our initial objectives, we have continued to expand services in the areas of education and community services.

Primo Italiano Italian Festival

Primo Italiano celebrates the area where Sydney’s first Italian migrants settled after arriving at Woolloomooloo. Stanley St is rich in Italian history and developed a reputation as a simple, cheap café strip following a wave of Italian post-war migrants who settled in the area and opened businesses

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