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Situated in Western Europe, on the banks of river Po, Italy is proud to boast of its ancient Italian culture and places of historic importance. It is a country with a historical background that connects to the European mainland in the North. The boot shaped country is officially known as the Italian Republic or “Repubblica Italiana”. It is also known as “lo Stivale” or the Boot or even “il Bel Paese” meaning a Beautiful Land.

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Italy Cities

Italy is city of mixed cultures that has adapted itself over a period of centuries. It showcases its varied forms not only in climate but also in language and its cities and their cultures. Rome is the capital of the country and it is also the biggest city in the peninsula. It carries a history which is more than 2700 years old and showcases a strong impact from the yester years of the Roman Empire. Bologna is another beautiful tourist destination. Florence portrays strong ties with the Italian culture and is the capital of the Tuscany region. Caiptal city of Campania is Naples is laden with historical evidences and is in close proximity of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Pisa is the home ot world’s famous leaning tower while city of canals, rivers and Gondola is Venice that enchants lovers and carries romance in the air.

Rome is a city full of history and in the new era it can be summed up in two words as ‘busy’ and ‘historic’. It is one of the most popular cities of the world and now one of the important business centers in the European Union. The city has a strong impact of the Roman Empire and the Catholic Church equivocally. It is laden with historic monuments, tombs, buildings and churches. It is an eternal city with most breathtaking tourist attractions. The best time to visit Rome is from Easter to October or Spring and Autumn. It hosts numerous local festivals and concerts while the city is practically empty as most Italians desert the city for beaches and mountains. If you are visiting Rome in summers then you should visit the tourist spots early and take a lunch and a nap. It is again cooler at around 1800 hrs for you to move around.

Bologna is another very beautiful city with exotic locales and sightseeing. It offers an opportunity to take rest and enjoy the tourist destination before you hit Florence and Venice. It is surrounded by hills on all sides and carries the air of the Renaissance period of Italy. The dusky red colored building, arched porticoes with marble floors and wide piazzas make the city enchanting to enjoy its plush natural beauty in peace. With all the thanks to city’s policy of preservation, Bologna is one of the most attractive cities in Italy that is a pleasure to be explored on foot. It is a city known for its food and politics. Toursit attractions and information on the same can be easily found in the city at any nearby tourist information offices. All tourist attractions and destinations are walking distance from the main tourist spot ofBologna which is city’s two main square – Piazza Maggiore and Piazza del Nettuno. It houses Italy’s one of the oldest universities as well as Basilica di San Petronio which is the largest church in the city and is also the fifth largest church in the world.

Florence is the beautiful Tuscany region capital city that houses Renaissance style buildings, large churches and enormous palaces. Although, the city still carries the air of 16th century, nevertheless, it is one of the most expensive cities in the country. It is built around River Arno which can be crossed many times as it has one of the most grand bridges – Florence’s Ponte Vecchio, built on it in late 1345. The city still carries the grand buildings and fine architecture ordred by the Medici Family which ruled the city in 1430’s and held the power for a long time. Florence has the fourth largest Cathedral in the world – The Duomo. Other tourist attractions are the Bargello which is the first national museum of the country, the Uffizi – world’s oldest gallery, Snata Maria which is the most important Gothic Church in Tuscany. The city can be expored by foot however, the tourists choose to opt for orange colured public transport buses which are dependable and cost effective.

Another wonderful historical city of Tuscany is Pisa that houses the world famous Leaning Tower. It is crammed with wonderful historical monuments apart from the Leaning tower. It also houses Italy’s best universities established in 1343 and is one of the top schools in Italy. There are other tourist attractions as well such as museums, events and festivals.
South Italy boasts of the beautiful city of Naples which is the capital of the Campania region. It was founded by Greeks but developed by Romans. Now it is a sprawling metropolis rich in history and marked by outstanding architecture. Mount Vesuvius marks the city of Naples on one side while islands of Capri, Ischia and Procida surround the city. The city is in close proximity to the historical Roman ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum ruined by volcanic eruptions of Mount Vesuvius. Palazzo REale or the Royal Palace is a window to magnificent Roman architecture with a unique backdrop from the Opera Theatre – Teatro San Carlo. There are long stretches of parks, gardens and squares. Naples has the world’s largest Botanical garden – Orto Botanica.

Venice is the city of romance found 1300 years ago on various 117 islands. It is famouns for its rivers, canals and gondolas which makes it stunning and unique in the world. There are various tourist attractions one of which is Grand Canal of Venice which is referred to as one of the most beautiful street in Venice. Public transport is marked by water buses (vaporatti) or water-taxis (motoscafi).

Italy Destinations

Italy is a harbinger of style and culture. Its destinations like Rome state history and cultural amalgamation on one hand places like Milan mark the fashion statement in the modern world. One can find numerous festivals, carnivals or religious celebrations going out on the same day in the different parts of the country. No matter at what place you are in Italy, you can always is a part of grand gala celebration for some occasion.

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Italy Regions

Italy is geographically divided into 20 regions. All regions carry their own unique identity, culture, festivals and history. They are all a kaleidoscope of cultural amalgamation of various cultures that have invaded Italy and the country has adapted to all of them to bring out its own uniqueness and independent picture.

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Italy Events

Italy celebrates its festivals and annual events in its own unique way. All the events carry the typical impression of the Roman culture that has developed and adapted itself with the Germanic, Celtic, Austrian, French, etc. Each festival and event carries its own unique style and reason for celebration.

Italy Events…

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