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Agriturismo is a concept that is close to nature and light at heart. This method of tourism has evolved over the past couple of years and as of today; it has become one of the most famous ways in which Italian tourists, as well as, those who travel to Italy from every corner of the world, spend their vacation.

Agriturismo is the Italian term for Farm Stay and is a hybrid of the words “agriculture” and “tourism”. You may think that a farm stay is all about giving up on luxury and comfort. But the Italians, with their heartfelt hospitable nature and expertise in tourism, have incorporated the luxurious settings, every comfort and even the romantic mood, that is necessary for a great vacation in to Agriturism.

The specialty in a vacation surrounding Agriturism is that tourists get to involve in day to day activities in the farm. So it may be an ideal experience for children and young adults to be spending a few weeks in one of these farm houses where they will both learn and enjoy new experiences.

So what can you expect from an Agriturismo vacation?

One very unique feature of Agriturism is that it promotes healthy eating. So almost every meal you consume during the period of the vacation will be prepared from fresh farm foods and local produce.

Some people say that Agriturism is a way of reconnecting with nature. Some even consider it a spiritual experience. Renowned for its positive effects on people; Agriturism is engage people in activities close to nature that is set in a tranquil environment which helps to overcome daily stressors and brings in relaxation.

Who is Agriturismo suited for?

I’d say for everybody!…. if you have visited Italy once before where you have played the role of a typical tourist that goes in search of historical monuments, museums and architectural magnificence, this time around you can spend an actual vacation in calm surroundings while experiencing the boundaries of rural Italian life style.
“Agriturismo is expensive” – Is it true?

If you want to experience agriturismo the rich man’s way, you surely could! There are old buildings and farms re-established in to luxurious facilities that will entertain its visitors as much as a five stay hotel does, or even better!… But if you are on a budget, you could still accommodate your holiday quite economically because most Agriturism facilities are cheaper than hotels. So if you are on a low budget trip with your family or with a bunch of friends, Agriturismo facilities will become a great alternative for hotels in the city.

How can I get there?

An international driver’s license or European driver’s license or equivalent will be very useful if you are planning on an agriturismo vacation. The farm houses or lodges are often located in non urban areas so you may want to consider renting a car when you get to Italy before proceeding on to final destination.

Okay! I got there. Now what?

While you will be mesmerized by the awe inspiring beauty of nature in Italian country side, you will also wonder what in the world you could do there. Mobile phones will most certainly receive signals in any part in Italy however; facilities such as internet may not be available in these settings.

Unless you’ve had solid plans on what to engage in during your stay at the agriturismo facility, you will be very confused, not knowing what to do!… Many experienced visitors to agriturismo farms confess that overcoming boredom was one of the biggest challenges they had to overcome. So if you work too hard in your everyday life, this may be the ideal vacation for you to relax and take things easy. If you are in to arts, poetry or writing, the beauty of Italian countryside is certain to inspire your creativity!….

Additionally, many Agriturismo facilities conduct cookery classes, will take you on guided tours in the area, introduce you to the fine art of Italian wine tasting, allow horseback riding and ask that you contribute to their every day work in the farm.
Things to take home!

Apart from great memories, tranquility and a renewed state of mind, you may also be able to take home some farmhouse products. Many agriturismo facilities produce unique farmhouse products such as fillet of zucchini, Tomato pulp, grilled melon, fillet of pepperoni and many other on-the-house products that are made using 100% fresh, vegetables and farm products.

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