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Recently farm holiday or agritourism has become more popular among the travelers all over the world. The concept of Farm Holiday is new and most probably originated from the Italy. Many travelers and tourists become much excited at the idea of living on actual farms. These tourists and travelers prefer living in the farm with only basic amenities than living in the three or four star hotels with air-conditioned rooms and cable TV.

Basically the farmers who offer their farm houses for tourist or travelers are not big farmers. These farmers get their principal income from the agriculture, while agritourism will give them subsidiary income. Some countries have very strict rules and regulation for agritourism. While in some countries it was not regulated at all which gives opportunity to milk money from the tourists. So it is always advisable to be cautious when selecting a farm house. There are instances where tourist has to literary sleep on the pile of hay or straw.

What is a Farm Holiday?
The term ‘farm holiday’ was used for a bunch of experts who has the knowledge of different location. They are specialist who will assist you in selecting the right holiday that will satisfy you, by giving valuable advice and information. In the year 1965 an association called ‘Agritourist’ of Italy has set up ‘Farm Holiday’ for giving valuable information and booking center for farm houses. This is an important step which helps tourists in selecting the farm stays in Italy. It also gives many helpful tips and guidance for where to stay for farm stay.

Farm Stays
You may have dreamed of owning a farm house, but unable to fulfill your dream due to lack of funds, then it is a good idea to farm stay. Farm stay is nothing new; it is the idea of staying on an actual farm. This way you will be much near to the rural people and rural atmosphere. Even some farm house owner allows you to milk their cow or buffalo. For urban people this is very exiting. You may be invited for group dinner. In short you become a part of typical farm life. While your stays in farm, you may be allow to visit vineyards, barns, dairy farms and groves of olive.

Cost of Farm Stays
Cost of farm stays varies widely depends on the location and countries. But farm stays are always cheaper than the hotels. Some farm houses are as cheap as $20 per day and the costliest may not be more then the $ 250 per day. This price is for one double bed room. In many countries the agritourism rate is for minimum 3-4 days stay. If you want to stay for one day, then also you have to pay the minimum rate. Generally there are very few farm owners who take their rent by your credit cards. The payments is mostly done in cash.

Staying in farm is an exiting experience especially for urban travelers and tourists. But research well in advance and advance book the farm house of your liking. Repeated visiting of same farm house is not uncommon.

Farms in Italy
Tuscany is the most favorite destination for tourists interested in opting for a farm holiday. It is a region of rich cultural heritage, breathtaking scenery and amenities for the tourists. It all started in late 60’s when people started restoring their properties and farm houses to lure tourists in order to make them taste the richness of a farm house. Some farm owners even let the tourists milk their cows!!!

The farm houses in Tuscany are offer the traditional beauty and charm of a farm house and rural living clubbed with modern amenities and luxuries. Tourists get to enjoy the fresh and beautiful scenic views of the farmland and bask in the glory of sun and sand. Some farmhouses also offer horse riding, swimming pools, trekking facilities etc. You can also make a trip to the nearest local market to view the rural lifestyle and shop for local specialties.

Most of the farm houses also offer bed and breakfast facility. Mostly the farm houses are available on per day basis but in some regions you may have to pay the minimum charge for 3-4 days even if you stay for one day.

A farm holiday in Italy is definitely worth giving a try. It is not only economical but also a different experience from the routing fast moving urban life driven by rush hours and business hum drums. It offers a touch with Mother Nature without giving up modern amenities of the urban lifestyle. On the other hand, it acts as a subsidiary income for the farmer whose main source of income is although farming, nevertheless, agri tourists provide an additional income source.



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