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How can I rent an Apartment in Italy

Somebody once told me that Italy is a great country to visit but not to live! This statement sounds very misleading as compared to what many people say about Italy and its incorporated beauty!… However, as with any country, my best bet is that, it is always wise to live there for a shorter period of time before making a decision to move in completely.

Talking about temporary residencies, many vacationers prefer renting apartments during their vacations (especially, if their vacation is more than one month long) to save up on the hotel bill. This strategy in fact is brilliant if you have time to spare and a genuine interest to taste Italian lifestyle.

Important facts!

Italian house rents are usually on the higher side compared to many other European countries. Particularly, in cities such as Rome and Milan, the apartment rentals can vary from 800 Euros up to 5000 Euros per month. Compared to the basic salary of an average Italian, this rate is sky high. However, if someone is to purchase an apartment, the pricing is even higher and sometimes unbelievable. That should explain why majority population lives on rent or lease, all their life.

Remember that apartment rentals vary greatly depending on how close or far it is located to the nearest city. Apartments overlooking piazzas are known to be the most expensive while apartments in the outskirts of the city are by far the cheapest. So if budget constraints apply, it is best to get an apartment that is at least 20-30 minutes away from the city limits. But be warned!… Owners usually prefer long term engagements, therefore you may have to pay something extra for your short term stay!

Understandably, furnished apartments are usually more expensive than the unfurnished ones. However, it is highly recommended that you settle in for a furnished apartment because sometimes, you only find tubes and wires hanging from the walls in unfurnished ones. So you may not want to risk anything of that sort!

As a foreigner however, you will have little trouble with renting an apartment in Italy. Thanks to Italian legislations which make it easier to deal with leasing an apartment to foreigners than to Italian nationals, more Italians prefer to rent out their apartments to foreigners. This does not necessarily mean that you, as the foreigner, will gain any favor should you end up in courts. The legislation is simply aimed at making legal proceedings faster than usual cases.

This perceived advantage from part of the owner, results in many owners renting out their apartments to foreigners over Italian nationals. So when you negotiate the rental charge, you may want to ask for a discount or lower offer.

The next important thing to know about renting apartments in Italy is that, your monthly rental should ideally include condominium charges. Condominium charges include fee for repairs, garbage collection (in some cities), doorman fees, garden maintenance etc. You may be attracted to prim and proper premises which look very neat on the outlook. In the meantime, you may want to check the condominium fees as such apartments usually come with a higher price tag.

Electricity, telephone and heating are the most basic facilities that will be present in a standard apartment. You may want to analyze bills for the past 6 months or so, in order to figure out how much you need to allocate for bills alone.

Once you have located the perfect apartment, it is only a matter of signing a contract. For this, you will need all legal documents, your visa to Italy or European residency/citizenship, passport, proof of income etc. to be in place.

This is too complicated for me… what do I do now?

If this procedure sounds too complicated for you; here’s an easy way out. There are many widows and widowers, single parents, bachelors/spinsters, who live all alone in either a large apartment or a villa. These people are almost always ready to welcome foreigners who are in Italy on short term basis. So if you can find such place through a local agent, you will save a lot of time and energy!….

They will simply rent out part of their apartment or villa for you, for which you may have to sign a private agreement and that’s it! The advantage is most of these places offer meals for the visitor as well. So you will be saving a whole lot of money on groceries and bills.

So, simply search for ‘holiday apartments in Italy’ or ‘Apartment rentals in Italy’ in Google and you will see a lot of search results coming along.

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