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The concept of bed and breakfast in Italy has been there for a while and it is very popular among tourists in some parts of Italy than in others. The most common assumption behind this pattern is that in some areas such as in Venice, accommodation is very expensive even at the smallest hotel or motel. Therefore, bread and breakfast may be the ideal solution for many tourists.

Another reason may be that cities like Florence and Rome are filled with so many places to visit. Therefore, nothing can be a viable solution than bread and breakfast stay. After all, there are many pizzerias and bars all over these cities to fill in your hunger and quench your thirst!

A third reason may be that bread and breakfast offers a good opportunity to meet local people and other travelers. It is a perfect way in which you can become part of the rich and vibrant Italian culture while saving tons of money.

Things to watch out for…

When you are in Italy, don’t be mislead by the term ‘bread and breakfast’. Although it is one of the cheapest accommodations that one may find, some bread and breakfast places are luxurious and come with a higher fee.

So it is always a good practice to inquire about the rates and conditions (if any) before settling for bread and breakfast accommodation in Italy. Some inns will give you a special rate if you stay more than 2 nights while other inns may require you to stay more than one night as a condition. So it is better that you clarify all these before settling down.

Another important tip is not be fooled by the term. This simply means that Italians sometimes use the term “bread and breakfast” in a fancy manner than its actual meaning. So someone may think that when they name their hotel a bread and breakfast inn, it sounds cool or hip. If you end up at a place like this, you should immediately explain what you are looking for and move on with your bed and breakfast hunting because these hotels disguised as bread and breakfast inns can sometimes cost you from 100 to 250 Euros a day!

How do I find a bed and breakfast inn?

If you search the internet, you will be disappointed just as I was because most search results return ‘hotels’ instead of bed and breakfast inns. As mentioned earlier, Italians enjoy the term ‘bed and breakfast’ so certain concepts attached to the original idea of bed and breakfast will have been lost.

However, you need not give up at this point. The bed way you can get hold of a good bed and breakfast inn is to inquire about it from the local community. When you talk to people, let them know what exactly you are looking for because the mere term ‘bed and breakfast’ will not do!… If you know a traveling agent or even a tour guide, they will be able to help you out more readily than others. Restaurant, pizzeria and bar owners are also people with a lot of contacts. So if you start frequenting a bar, I suggest you make friends with someone there!

If you are a single traveler, finding bed and breakfast this way will be a piece of cake in any congested tourist month of the year. However, if you are traveling around with your family, finding lodging after arriving in Italy may not be a good idea. So in this case, be patient and carefully browse through websites again!.. You may be tempted books rooms at villas. But before you do so, look at each and every detail because sometimes these offers come with a catch which leads to higher charges at the end.

If you find any promotions on bread and breakfast, you may want to clarify the terms and conditions again to understand what is on offer. My final but the most vital tip is, if there’s at least one more month left until you visit Italy, grab some books and starts practicing the language as much as you can. By doing so, you will be able to overcome frustrations that may build up due to language barriers. Remember, in Italy, “Language means Power”.



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