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Bed and Breakfast in Italy – Italy is a country of olive oil, pasta, wine and scenic natural beauty. It has come up from the Roman ruins and Renaissance palaces to modern day skyscrapers. The rich taste and culinary delicacies available in Italy offer a taste of their own and impart their own flavor. You can already have several preconceptions before you land in Italy about its taste and flavors. After all so much has been talked about the Italian food all over the world over so many centuries. The country has grown from the Roman ruins and Renaissance palaces to modern day skyscrapers. Nevertheless, the exquisite taste of Italian food and the aroma of cooking olives still remain predominant in the Italian kitchens.

Italy is more complex and interesting than the roman ruins, cathedrals and churches strewn all across the country. One can easily spend more than two weeks in the country without getting bored and yet most of the country would still remain explored. The major concern at such times when moving across the country is bed and breakfast facility provided by various hotels or even if you rent an apartment.

While you can stay in a hotel room or rent an apartment when you visit Italy but you can also be surrounded by the comfort and safety of a spacious furnished bed and breakfast in Italy. Italy is laden with hotels offering all the modern day amenities. But these can prove to be very expensive especially in tourist spot like Rome, Florence, Venice, etc. For the budget travelers, the best accommodation is found in privately owned guest houses and family run bed and breakfast operations. A Bed and Breakfast, often referred to as a B&B, is a type of boarding house typically operating out of a large single family residence. Guests are accommodated at night in private bedrooms and breakfast is served in the morning – either in the bedroom or, more commonly, in a dining room or the host’s kitchen.

Bread and breakfast may be operated either as a primary occupation or as a secondary source of income. Staff often consists of the house’s owners and members of their family who live there. Guests are usually expected to pay for their stay upon arrival and leave before noon (or earlier) on the day of departure. A big advantage of this type of hosted accommodation is the local knowledge of the hosts. Bed and Breakfast in Italy is available at several locations. One can easily find an accommodation for a duration ranging from three days to one year. Most people who visit Italy prefer Bed and Breakfast because it is cheaper than a hotel and offers more freedom and facilities than a hotel.

Accommodation at bed and breakfast is both a learning experience as well as an enjoyable holiday.  Hotels in Italy are usually just places to sleep for the night, but accommodation at bed and breakfasts in Italy is a unique opportunity to learn about Italian culture and traditions.  The local host is often more helpful to provide an insight into the true Italian culture and history of the local area than the hotel desk clerk. The bed and breakfasts are ideal for families or couples. The most striking feature about Breakfast at bed and breakfasts in Italy is that it is not just a typical Italian breakfast. On the contrary, it’s a full breakfast in Italy is a full meal and an experience of its own kind.  While most Italians have a light breakfast consisting of cafe latte (coffee & milk) and a brios (croissant) but breakfast at B&B is a hearty meal and an opportunity to chat with your hosts for ideas on things to see and do.

Guests at the Bed & Breakfast are welcome to help themselves to breakfast whenever they wake up, and there is a fully functional kitchen at your disposal if you like cooking. Breakfast things like milk and cereal, muesli, yogurt, toast and butter, marmalade, eggs, fresh fruit & orange juice, tea and coffee (regular & decaf) are provided. In short at the Bed and Breakfast you could enjoy a freedom that you couldn’t possibly get at any hotel.
With basic ingredients at your disposal, you can easily cook up things of your own taste. This type of facility is easily helpful when you are accompanied by kids. You can cook things of your own taste that are suited to your children and who do not easily adapt to the foreign tastes. Moreover, since kitchen is at your disposal you can help yourself with milk and other stuff, if you have an infant or a toddler with you.

Italy is a great place to explore and discover its beauty. Since it can be expensive to accommodate in hotels all the times, you can opt for the bed and breakfast facilities offered throughout the country and explore the same at your own leisure without having to worry about being over-budget.

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