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Camping in Italy is a fascinating concept for many Italians although it may not be the favorite choice of destination for rest of Europe. As far as the facilities are concerned, graceful countryside of Italy is not something you may want to overlook.

Many Italians prefer countryside camping for family trips because it adds diversity to their everyday solitary lifestyles. A camping experience is loved by many children as these trips allow more freedom and creativity than being restricted to their apartment walls. 

So if you are planning on a family vacation and if your lifestyle is as busy as the roads of New York and as hectic as a physician who works day in and day out; you ought to treat your family and yourself to a relaxing camping trip in Italy.

If you are on a tight budget, staying over at hotels can be a painful experience. This is especially true when you are on family vacations. Sometimes, tour guides will try to talk you over or on other occasions, you will find being squashed among fifty or sixty tourists who are taking part in a guided tour. Frankly for me, crowded hotels ruin the whole vacation atmosphere. So I’d rather spend some time alone in the countryside than joining another bunch of people.

If you have pets who are traveling with you, staying at hotels can be really messy. Some hotels do not allow pets at all, while some other hotels will provide kennel services. The negative point is that you will never know the state or the quality of these kennels until you get there.

Remember that tourists usually pay a generous sum to be close to city limits because they may not go the extra mile to discover the country by themselves. But if you can hire a caravan, it only takes a valid driver’s license to take you and your family on a perfect camping trip. On the brighter side, camping trips allow you to be flexible on the food you want to taste. If you feel like eating out, you will find plenty of restaurants and pizzerias along your way and if you feel like putting up a barbecue, you will find plenty of time and space for it. So I’d say that camping trips gives you more control over your budget and spending habits than any other form of vacationing.

Now that you know the basics behind camping, let’s explore the places to camp-in-at!

If you’ve been to Italy on previous occasions, you will most certainly decide on a camping trip to Italy without hesitation. But ‘where to camp at’ could be a tiring question because every Italian city seems to glow with magic that captures the heart in no time.

According to experts, the three best areas in Italy to camp at are Tuscany, Italian Lakes and Adriatic Coast. Before you choose on your camping destination, it is very important to determine the type of camping experience you are after because each of these areas glows with their own uniqueness. So depending on your personal taste, you can make your experience really marvelous.

Tuscany usually is dotted with vineyards that make a picture perfect view with towns, villages and hills on the backdrop. The camping sites are usually located in Florence and Rome and also on the Mediterranean coastline. So if it is your first visit to Italy, nothing can be a better choice than settling to camp in Rome or Florence where you and your family can enjoy the serenity of countryside while visiting the world renowned archeological sites.

Camping by the lakeside is another favorite pastime for many Italians. So if you decide to settle in for a lake camp site, you are certain to meet lots of Italians who will openly share their experiences and good times with you. If you are a water sport lover, you may want to go towards Lake Garda; the hub of Italian water sports and great cultural events. On the contrary, if you are in to tracking, Lake Maggiore will be the ideal spot for long walks and excursions on mountains.

The Adriatic coast camping sites are open for all those beach lovers to swim and sink in the heat and the spirit of summer. You may choose your destination from coastal line to Venetian suburbs to enjoy the sunshine and the holiday spirit in this wonderful land of pure beauty!



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