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Camping a good way to harmonize with the nature

Camping is mostly for the people who love to associate with the nature. Camping is not easy. You have to forget all your usual amenities that you enjoyed at your home. Camping provides bare minimum accommodation. Your camping gear including your bedding and shelter are mostly collapsible and light weight so you can carry them in to your rucksack or keep it in to the suitcase. Camping requires you to travel great distance on foot or on weather beaten road tracks. But the reward for all this inconveniences is great. Camping promises you to become harmonize with nature and you have a fantastic view as bonus.

Where to camp?
Knowing the importance of camping it is always worth while to take great care in selecting the place for camping. Study the different countries and their camping spots and than decide the suitable camping spot that suits you. Generally most of the countries have National parks and some protected areas, which serves very good camping spots. But be sure to inquire about it in advance since many protected areas are not allowed for camping. Also inquire about whether camp permits are required or not. Some camp spot require you to apply for the permit 2-3 months in advance. When apply for the camp permit always inquire about the restrictions. The permission or the permit for popular and famous camping place during holidays is very difficult to get. Your relatives, friends etc. will also give their first hand information about the different camping place that helps you to decide where to camp.

Camping as a Budget Relief
Italy can be one of the expensive tourist places specially destinations like Rome, Florence, Venice. Budget rooms under $100 are becoming rare each day in Italy. Camping offers a huge budget relief to the planned travelers. A hotel room in expensive destinations can cost around $100 or above in urban Italy where as you can easily find a camping tent charging to around $22 for two people per night in urban Italy. In rural areas you can easily find the same facilities at $16 per night for two people.

Most of the camping grounds are located near the local markets. You can easily find local grocery shops to huge super markets at the nearest walking distance to the camping grounds. Alternatively, you can also hire a car at minimal costs. Car camping can cost up to $40-50 per day but if the stay is for longer than three weeks it can be as minimum as $20 per day.

Try to camp near the urban area as driving to the near by city can be easy. Most of the camping grounds in Italy do not require you to drive down to large cities. Camping grounds also offer camping equipments but it is advisable to carry your own gear. You can pack backpacking tent, bedding, sleeping beds and cooking utensils. Most of the times during the year you would not need to make an advance booking for any camping ground. However, you need to take care in the busiest months of summer.

Italy one of the best place for the campers
Every year professional association of travel agents called U.S. Tour Operators Association runs a survey which is informal and extends to all their members to vote for the top vacation destinations of the world. Italy is the destination that tops for many years. Italy has the breathtaking scenery and has best climate through out the year. Italy is also famous for campers. There are hundreds of camp spots through out the Italy which offers something for every camper.

How to find a suitable camping spot
There are different ways to find s suitable camping spot. Most widely used and easiest way to find the right camping spot that suits you is browsing through Internet. You may be flooded with much information which is not useful or relevant to you but sooner or latter you will find the right information which helps you to select the camping spot. It will save your much time if you do some paperwork and write down your requirements for camping and then go to www to find out the camping spot.

Preparation for camping
You should plan in advance and be prepare for camping. Make a comprehensive check list so when you are leaving nothing is forgotten. If this is your first camping then try to study the different technique for assembling and using different camping equipments. Study the first aid medication for emergencies. If you are buying or renting some of the equipments for camping then do it in advance and become use to it. Study the different recipes you would like and which is easy to cook while camping.



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