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Italy, the land of Roman vigor is a place filled with breath taking monuments, landscapes and culture. When you travel to Italy, you become sublimed in to this culture, people and the whole vacation spirit that dazzles in the air throughout the year.

For many tourists, finding a luxurious, comfortable hotel in Italy is the least priority. After all, as the old saying goes “when you are in Rome, you need to act like a Roman!” Italian people hardly go to sleep during summer vacation. Wherever you look, you will see bars and pizzerias filled with people that love to have a conversation over coffee or a glass of vine. The scenes are not too different during autumn and Spring either and you will be amazed to see the number of people who eat ice cream or drink café in outdoor bars in winter!

The peaceful atmosphere in certain parts of the country cannot be taken for granted if you are traveling to some cities. The general idea is that Northern Italian cities would feel safer for tourists than Southern Italian cities. So if you are looking for a night over in Bari (a southern-most Italian city) you may want to stay at a luxurious hotel. If you are traveling to Novara or Verona, two beautiful cities in Northern Italy, you may want to consider staying over at a 3 star hotel which will be lightweight on your budget, as well.

Remember that almost every good and service up-North in Italy is expensive as compared to goods and services offered in Southern Italy. However, there are exceptions to the rule, as always and you will witness these if you ever stay over at any hotel in Rome.

Talking about Hotels in Rome, there’s an easy way out for the budget travelers to find discount hotels in Rome. If you have experience in browsing for Italian hotels on the internet, you may know that it is an utter waste of time due to the language barrier. So the best tip for anyone who is traveling to Italy is to find out the seasons in which discounts are offered. I’m sure this piece of information can be easily found through any traveling agent in your area. Once you know the time period in which you plan to travel, approach trusted traveling agents, to arrange accommodation for you in Italy.

Quite unfortunately though, some traveling agents may not be able to arrange accommodation in certain parts of Italy. So what would you do then? Quite frankly, this is nothing to be alarmed at. Suppose you are staying over two nights in Rome before you travel by train to Ancona. If you have no clue about how to find accommodation in Ancona, simply ask around! Italians are quite helpful in divulging information about accommodation, culture and activities for tourists. However, it is best that you ask your hotel’s information desk to assist you than getting strangers involved!

Statistics show that there are over 40,000 hotels in Italy and the best thing about these hotels is that they are well connected. So if you ever find yourself without a place to stay over in Italy, simply ask another hotel to help you out!…

If you are looking forward to less risk and anxiety, and if you want to leave no room for surprises during your carefully planned vacation, you can find the jackpot right in your own country or region. From recently, many local websites have gathered information about famous travel destinations. These websites more often than not provide ticketing, accommodation and also tour services. So if you can approach a trustworthy web based company that operates from your region, they will be the best people who can plan a perfect vacation for you. In addition to safety and travel tips, you will also receive discounts on services from these agents, if you are in time to catch the offers!

One of the most disturbing inconveniences about hotels in Italy could be the unavailability of rooms. This can become a menace for travelers especially during tourist seasons. So if you are dreaming of that perfect vacation in Italy, better get on with booking your hotels well in advanced!



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