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The Italian villas always portray that high-flown ambience which acts as a doorway to luxury. So when you think about Italian villas you cannot possibly miss the luxury and comfort that comes hand in hand with the facility.

Suppose you are planning a vacation with a bunch of friends, maybe 15-20 of them. If you choose to stay over at the cheapest hotels in any tourist city in Italy, you will end up paying way more than what you will be paying for a large villa. So renting out a holiday villa in Italy has become a norm among those who travel in bunches. A medium size villa is also a great idea for families who love spending quality time together while experience the new ambience and environment around them.

So here’s what you should do when renting an Italian Villa;

* Do thorough research. You could search for Italian villas either on the internet or through your traveling agent or better, through friends living in Italy or friends who have previously rented a villa in Italy.

* Once you have information ready in hand, do a logical comparison on each option. You will find that some villas are priced at very high rates while some others come with reasonable price tags.

* Remember that since you are renting the villa on short term basis, you may have to pay a bigger lump sum than usual. So carefully evaluate your budget against the cost involved.

* Diligently figure out if the villa you are interested in has all the facilities and spacing necessary to accommodate your group.

* You should also focus on getting to know whether the villa has full time staff working there. Some villas have in house cooks, maids and baby sitters.

* You will also need to find out whether the rental covers service charges for the staff. If it doesn’t, you will almost always, end up over spending. So this is a point to be careful at!

* You may want to find out whether the villa is fully furnished or semi-furnished and you may want to confirm that heating, hot water, air conditioning, electricity, cable TV, telephone, internet etc. are all in place and working!

* If you are traveling with children, you may want to make sure that the villa is located at a safe landscape area. Similarly, you should also demand to see photographs of the bedrooms, washrooms, the garden, kitchen etc. to determine whether the ambience suits your taste.

* Some villas come with recreational facilities such as swimming pool, pool tables, badminton or squash courts. So you may want to find out what these facilities are.

* If you are renting the villa in an area that you are not familiar with, you will need to find out information on emergency services such as distance from the villa to the nearest hospital, are ambulance services available in the area etc. You may also want to keep the national security and emergency service numbers handy as they can be called up from any phone at any time.

* Finally, read all terms and conditions in your contract and clarify any doubts you may have about the cancellation policy. It is recommended that you deal with the owners without involving middle men. However, if the owners cannot be found for unavoidable reasons, you may want to check the authenticity of the person or company that is offering you to rent out the villa.

Feeling exhausted after that long list? It surely sounds like a lot of work on the outset but if you plan ahead and take one step at a time and most importantly, if you can find a trustworthy source to guide you along, renting an Italian villa will not become a burden.

However it is important that you remain diligent and pay close attention to detail when dealing with villa rentals. Once the tough part is done away with, you can enjoy a serene vacation at the comfort of a luxurious villa surrounded by your loved ones. So why not go the extra mile to make your next vacation, simply splendid?

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