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arezzo tuscany italyArezzo is a beautiful city that is situated in the south-east of Tuscany in Central Italy. Being about 296 meters above sea level, Arezzo is located on the hill rising from the floodplains of the river Arno, which is the second largest and an important river of Italy after the River Tiber. The town of Arezzo contains beautiful pastures and woodland as well as it contains beautiful sceneries and landscapes with monastic settlements. There are many parishes from the Roman times as well as old trees that might be more than a century old adorn the place with great magnificence.

Arezzo is considered as one of the 12 Etruscan cities. Cortona is a great artistic and cultural attraction of the area which is known for its Etruscan past and for many architectural and pictorial works of different era of historical times. There are some many magnificent places of attraction which includes churches, museums, city center and some breathtaking landscapes.

Piazza Grande is one of the principle squares of Arezzo city. It gives a view of the architectural development through six centuries in the city’s civil architecture. It contains houses from the 1200’s and 1300’s as well as towers built for the noblemen. It also contains Palazzo della Fraternita dei Laid which has a Gothic and renaissance touch; and then it has the Logge del Vasari of the 16th century and Palazzo del Tribunale courthouse from the 18th century. So, overall this Piazza or square is an interesting mix of all the centuries’ signatures. The Duomo, in Arezzo, is considered as one of the greatest monuments of the Gothic era in the whole of Tuscany. This cathedral is well known through the 13th, 14th and the 15th centuries. It contains great works of art which include cenotaph of bishop Tarlati and the altar. The gothic art reflects in the fine sculpture of Saint Mary Magdalene made by Piero della Francesca.

Arezzo Pescaiola Depot is another site worth a visit. It is considered as a living railway museum and provides a view of all freights from its original prototypes built from 1925 onwards. The Museum of UnoAErre Italia is one of the magnificent museums of Abrezzo. UnoAErre Italia is an Italian goldsmith and jewelry company and is one of the world’s largest companies specializing in the manufacture, distribution and export of gold and jewelry worldwide. They have a wonderful collection of jewelry since 1926, the year the company started.

Some other places worth visiting in Arezzo are cathedrals of San Domenico and San Francesco; the fortresses of Medici Fortress Palazzo Camaiani-Albergotti and the museums of Casa Vasari and Civic Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.

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