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Basilica of Saint_Francis in AssisiAssisi is best known as the birthplace of St. Francis of Assisi, who is also considered the patron saint of Italy and one of the most famous saint in Catholic history. It is a small town in the region of Umbria and falls in the area of Central Italy. Assisi is 400 meters above sea level and is well known for its medieval streets, sacred places of visit and roman ruins. Assisi is considered to be a major pilgrimage destination for the Catholics for centuries and it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Italy.

Assisi has a lot of art and landmarks from medieval and Renaissance times. Assisi has two main castles of the medieval age; the Rocca Maggiore is the larger one out of the two. Only some part of the second one has remained standing and only small portions of each of the castles are open for the people to visit. UNESCO has designated the main monuments of Assisi as World heritage Site.

As Assisi is a town of Catholic pilgrimage and the birthplace of St. Francis of Assisi, there a lot of churches or basilicas to visit and the architecture of the place is complete of Catholic design from the medieval era. Some of the famous churches to visit in Assisi are: Basilica di San Francesco, this church is one of the main place of pilgrims and lovers of St. Francis. It is full of beautiful frescoes by Giotto. It is also considered as the World Heritage Site. Assisi Duomo, is another church which is famous for baptizing St. Francis and St. Clare. This church is dedicated to San Rufino who first brought Christianity to this city. Basilica di Santa Chiara is a resting place St. Clare and Santa Maria degli Angeli is a grand church where St. Clare, the beloved friend of St. Francis took her vows and also is the place where St. Francis died. Some other churches which are related to the life and works of St. Francis and St. Clare worth a visit are Eremo delle Carceri, San Damiano Convent and Santa Maria sopra Minerva.

Other than visiting the beautiful churches, the square and streets of Assisi offer smart shopping for tourists which include souvenirs, great gadgets, fine dining, wine bars and trendy discos and pubs to enjoy. Assisi is now also growing as a golfer’s town with its gorgeous greenery around. Golf Club Perugia is one of the old Golf schools in the area which was founded in the end of 1950’s. Golf is fast achieving a fast interest among the people of Italy and is one of the recommended places to visit with its wonderful English settings.

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