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Bellagio ItalyBellagio is a beautiful small commune or resort situated in the region of Lombardy on Lake Como. It provides a picturesque scene on the southern side with Alps overlooking the river on the north. The area of Bellagio is accessible via two roads, one from Como and another from Lecco, though both have narrow roadways, Como is recommended as a safer drive. Bellagio is a very well known tourist spot and is located on the top of the headland where the river is divided into a ‘Y’ shape and flows towards Como and Lecco. There are also ferries, motorboats and water shuttles that take tourists to and from the area of Bellagio.

One of the visits to the top of Villa Serbelloni offers a wide panoramic view of the entire Lake Como, right from the mighty Alps to the beautiful small towns along the shores of the lake. Bellagio is nature’s paradise and has a very peaceful atmosphere for quiet moments and romantic getaways. It has stepped alleyways and English gardens as well as numerous water sports to pump up your adrenalin. Winter skiing is also very famous in this region and there are numerous ways to enjoy your time while on a visit to this lovely area. There are many small and intimate places to visit and if you get tired walking up and down the hilly area, spending time sitting and admiring the view from the lakeshore is a beautiful experience. At night, the shores of Lake Como become a lover’s paradise, with lovers and couples spending their intimate and loving moments in the romantic scenario on the lakeshore of Lake Como in Bellagio.

There are many fun things to do in Bellagio, one of them being rowing the boat at the world famous boating club, Unione Sportiva Bellagina near San Giovanni. Bellagio is full of live concerts at many churches with many local as well as international artists performing and are great fun to be there. St. James Basilica is a lovely church known for its gold-accented interiors and an exterior with a Romanesque touch. There are elegant and charming villas in Bellagio. There are marble pathways and resemble the gardens from the 19th century. Many of the villas have now been converted into hotels for tourists, but two of the villas which are not to be missed are Villa Serbelloni and Villa Melzi and they provide magnificent views of the majestic nature around Lake Como.

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