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capri italyCapri is a beautiful island resort on the southern side of the Gulf of Naples. It falls in the region of Campania and the city of Capri is the center Capri region. Capri has been a favorite vacation spot since the Roman times and has a Greek etymology to its name, which come from the Greek word ‘Kapros’ meaning wild boar. It is divided into 3 towns according to its geographical layout – Capri, which is the center; Anacapri, which is the higher town and Marina Grande, the part where the harbor is.

The island has a particular charm about itself and it is mentioned in old legends and writings of Ancient Greece. Homer, the great poet has mentioned Capri in detail in his well known epic Odyssey. There are lovely views of the sea and rocky limestone caves around the island provide such a romantic view that it has inspired many a poets and lovers. Grotta Azzurra or the “Blue Grotto” is a beautiful oceanic cave emerging from the blue sea. It forms small openings in limestone and was the Roman bathing place. This Grotto has been an awe inspiring place for people who visit here.

The peaks of Faraglioni, as they are collectively called include Stella, di Mezzo and Scopolo. These peaks are further out to the sea. They offer beautiful views of the place as well as they contain a variety of rare wildlife which is protected. The natural phenomenon of Bradyseism is a rare and amusing aspect of the island of Capri. This is phenomenon in which the surface of the earth rises and falls according to the lava movement inside the earth’s crust. There are many geological changes happening in Capri because of this. The affect of such movement can be seen in many areas of Capri as well as in Grotto Azzurra.

Some places other than the natural beauty spots of Capri that are worth a visit are Charterhouse of Saint Giacomo which offers an insight into the architecture of the Middle Ages. It used to be a monastery and today houses a museum and a school with lush green gardens. There are some charming villas to visit in Capri which were built by the emperors of Capri Octavian, Augustus and later Tiberius. Hermitage of Cetrella is on a rocky slope of Mount Solaro and has a small tourist resort to visit. This place is also connected to Anacapri via a chairlift. Belvedre of Migliera provides another breathtaking site of the sea. It is a sheer point pleasure to stand on the cliff in the lighthouse area and watch the vastness of the unending sea.

So, when you come to Capri, beware! You are going to be captivated by its sheer beauty…same as it happened with Emperor Tiberius!



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