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catanzaro _calabriaCatanzaro is an important city of Italy and is known to be the city of two seas. It is the capital of Calabria region and is rises on a rock and is split into two parts by the Fiumarella valley and is connected by a huge concrete steel bridge, the Viadotto Morandi. It is one of the highest bridges of Europe and built by Riccardo Morandi. Visitors can see both the Ionian and ‘Tirreno’ seas in one single day.

Catanzaro is known as a city of 3V’s. These ‘V’s stand for – Saint Vitaliano, who is considered to be the patron saint of the area. The second ‘V’ stands for Velvet, as it has been an important center since Norman times and the third ‘V’ stands for ‘venti’, which means winds that flow into Catanzaro from the Sila mountains and the sea. Most of the historical buildings were raised to the ground in the earthquake of 1783 and what was left was erased by another earthquake in 1832. All the churches, places and most of the historical buildings were destroyed because of these calamities.

Catanzaro is a land of huge panoramic views and sweeping sandy beaches. Soverato is the main fishing port and marketplace for the Gulf of Squillace. Tuna, fig roasts, swordfish and porcini mushrooms are the specialty of the area with special Bivongi wine with DOC standards.

Catanzaro Lido is situated about 5 km towards the south with a harbor and cute opportunities for fishing and boating for pleasure. The Le Serre hills have a Carthusian monastery of Serra S.Bruna which is a wonderful site to visit. To a little further south, there is a town of Ferdinandea which is well known to be a former summer residence of the Bourbon King Ferdinand II. Some churches to visit are: the church of the Immacolata which contain classical Baroque architecture; the church of the Rosario which has a neoclassical touch of the 16th century; the Duomo which was rebuilt after World War II and gives a glimpse of intriguing works of religious art; the church of the Osservanza which was built in the 14th century and the former church of S. Omobono dating back to the 12th & 13th century. The Norman castle in the Carmine quarter is the only church still in its original form and is called the ‘Grecia’.

Good Friday Procession in Fiera di San Lorenzo is well attended and is worth experiencing the festivities of the place among its lovely people!



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