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italian seaside restaurantItalian meals are complete feasts by themselves, filling, exotic, rich delicacies soaked in olive oil and smelling of firewood oven accompanied by exquisite wines. So when romancing the cities of Italy, a must have companion is information on restaurants in the various cities of Italy. However, before you find out a suitable restaurant to dine it, you must know the various types of restaurants that you would find in Italy, such as:

Osteria: Are simple and small restaurants with mostly a spaghetti menu.

Pizzeria: Are restaurants, many times informal joints where you are served huge pizzas baked in firewood ovens. You may get the best Italian pizzas at such joints.

Trattoria: Are moderate and informal form of restaurants, medium priced, serving Italian meals and drinks. They are usually run by families that can give you a taste of home-cooked food.

Ristorante: Are restaurants that server Italian and probably other types of cuisines. They are varied price range and you would find the menu outside the restaurant before you enter. It is best to check out the menu and the prices before you enter.

Paninoteca: Are small to moderate sized restaurants that mainly serve Paninis.

Tavola calda: Are informal joints where you can select from prepared delicacies . They are often self service joints.
Café : Are coffee shops serving small variety of food such as sandwiches and Paninis.

In addition to the types of restaurants, you must also know what to expect in each meal at restaurants:

Breakfast: It typically includes cappuccino and sweet pastry.
Lunch: If you want a wholesome Italian lunch, be prepared to spend at least 2 hours and come on time for the restaurateur to allow you to spend that much time. Lunches, especially Sunday lunches, are time to enjoy a heavy many course meal.
Dinner: It is lighter as compared to lunches at many places and start as early as 7:30 PM. You may find that in many types of restaurants serving pizza, it is served for dinner only.

Finally, to choose the dishes that you would savor the most, you need to understand the menu, which consists of the following sections:

Antipasti: Refers to appetizers that are served quickly.
Primi: Refers to soup and pasta or risotto, which is the first course of the meal.
Secondi: Refers mainly to the non-vegetarian section has as the second course. Mushrooms and omelets may also be a part of this section.
Cortoni: Refer to slide dishes, mostly vegetables, ordered with Secondi.
Pizza: Refers to pizzas and is mostly available for dinner.
Dolci: Refers to the grand finale of the means in the form of dessert.

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Menus in all restaurants would include a good number of vegetarian dishes apart from the non-vegetarian ones. Regardless of the dish that you have, you must not forget the wine. Ask the waiter for help, if you cannot choose a wine for yourself or ask for the house wine!

There are hundreds of restaurants of different kinds all over Italy.

Well then, you have had your meal and now it’s time for the bill and the courteous service charges. Restaurants in Italy often include the cover, called il coperto, and service, called il servizio, on the bill. You should customarily leave a tip if the charges (15% service charge) are not included in the bill. Here, let’s just see some of the restaurants in the main tourist cities.

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