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learning to cookThe Irresistible aroma and taste of olive oil, Intoxicating aroma of fresh firewood baked pizzas, and the Invigorating flavor of wine, spell Italian cuisine. Meals in Italy are actually feasts where family and friends gather for a delectable 3-4 course extravaganza. If you want your family and friends to enjoy this extravaganza, you can learn to cook Italian food through any one of the many cooking schools in Italy.

Considering that food is an inevitable part of Italian culture and owing to its popularity of all over the world, the country has an array of cooking schools spread across its states. You can choose a school based on various factors, such as:

Type of regional specialty: Italian food has evolved over decades through influences from various neighboring countries. Every Italian state has diverse regional specialties and way of preparing food owing to influence of the countries touching its border. Moreover, since Italian cuisine requires the use of fresh vegetables and fruits, geographical and seasonal factors also affect the dishes prepared in a region. Therefore, you may choose a school in a specific state based on the kind of regional Italian cuisine you want to learn.

Duration and timings: Considering the number of cooking courses available, there is a lot of option in the duration of timings. The right course for you is the one that suits you in terms of time and duration because cooking is an art to be learned with a free mind.

Language: Schools may offer the courses in varying languages. This factor would be of importance particularly to foreigners.

Now it’s time for some information on the cooking schools in various states of Italy. Primarily you would find two classes of cooking courses, one is the professional cooking classes held in institutes that have professionals teaching how to cook and the second is traditional cooking help in homes or B&Bs of families interested in sharing their culinary skills of authentic traditional Italian food. Some of the professional institutes for cooking are:

Scuola di Arte Culinaria Cordon Bleu in Florence: An established school that offers courses of flexible duration and timing options. Experts in the domain offer professional and amateur courses in Italian, English, and French. Moreover, they offer private custom courses and also send teachers out of their facility.

Istituto Galilei in Florence: A perfect example of hands-on training, the institute offers cooking classes held in kitchens of the restaurants of Florence. The course can be a flexible timings’ 4-week,  one-to-one course or a 1-week course in a group of 3-4 participants. The USP is that the institute offers a diploma at the end of the course.

Italian Institute for Advanced Culinary & Pastry Arts in Parma & Calabria: One of the most versatile institutes of cooking in Italy, it offers varied cooking courses, including a 3-months masters course.

Scuola Leonardo da Vinci, Florence, Milan, Rome, Siena: This is an institute that is authorized by the Italian ministry of education and offers among various other courses, courses in Italian cooking. It offers courses for professionals as well as amateurs. In this institute, you can learn to cook recipes from different regions of Italy at one place.

There are plenty of  traditional cooking classes, a good example is Fontana del Papa in Rome. In addition, Italy also has a number of culinary tour organizers that arrange for a group tour to a location, and the participants learn culinary art as the main part of the tour.

These are just very small part of the entire list, and you can find more detailed references on Many of these institutes have details listed on the website for information. So, happy cooking!

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