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study fashion in italyItaly is synonymous with the word fashion. It is one of the fashion capitals of the world and Italians are truly passionate about style and fashion, it is certainly is the Mecca of fashion. The fashion industry in Italy and across the world runs on and continuously seeks new talent in fashion design. This perpetual need for emerging talent makes Italy a hub of fashion schools and institutes teaching fashion. So, if you have want to study fashion, learn it from the connoisseurs.

Italy has an abundance of fashion schools that offer undergraduate and master courses in fashion design. Many of these schools also offer regular and specialised courses in varying domains of fashion, such as marketing, sales, visual merchandising and communication, merchandising, digital imaging, and costume accessory design. A good fashion school would typical offer you courses in English apart from Italian, certification in fashion (graduate/masters), foreign exchange programs, opportunities for students’ fashion shows and exhibitions, training and internship programs with contacts in the fashion industry, and good placement prospects.

Some of the fashion schools in Italy include:

Accademia Italiana in Florence and Rome: It is an established school that has been teaching fashions and its peripheral domains for over 20 years. It provides undergraduate, masters and summer courses. It emphasizes on interaction with the industry during the courses to provide hand-on experience to students. You can learn more about this school at

Polimoda international institute of fashion design and marketing in Florence: A school offering versatile course options in preparatory, undergraduate, masters, summer, specialized, and customized courses. Its marketing and merchandising courses are particularly famous. You can learn more about this school at

Istituto Marangoni: A school established since 1935 in Milan, offers a 4 year course in fashion design apart from masters certification in design and peripheral domains. It is well known for being the school from which Franco Moschino, Domenico Gabbana and Donatella Girombelli have passed out. You can learn more about this school at

Istituto di moda Burgo: A school in Milan found by Fernando Burgo runs on his extensive experience in the fashion industry and imparts knowledge on the same basis to the students through its many courses. You can learn more about this school at

Scoula Di Moda Vitali, Ferrara: A school that offers unique and interesting professional courses in fashion. You can learn more about this school at

Domus academy: This institute again located in the heart of the Mecca of fashion, Milan, offers very unique courses in fashion and accessory design. You can learn more about this school at

The above is only a small list of fashion schools and you can find many more if you search on Google. Creativity is inborn but these schools, which collaborate closely with the fashion industry, provide professional training to those passionate about the fashion industry and hone their inborn talent to make them the Valentino, Versace, and Armani’s of tomorrow.

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