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study italian in italyItaly is a highly developed nation, one of the most famous tourist destinations in Europe, and a buzzing business centre in the world. As a result, the interaction of the rest of the world with Italians is immense in the field of business, tourism and leisure, and academics. To establish a rapport with any person who you interact with in any field, it is important that that the communicating parties can understand each other. Communication is not just defined by words but by tone and expression too, and thus is best done in a language that both parties understand. Therefore, it is imperative that if you want to deal with Italians and establish rapport with them or explore their country and culture, you learn Italian. And, if you have to learn it, go to Italy and learn it from the experts themselves!

Italy has various institutes that offer courses in Italian language with flexible timing and durations. The courses are conducted by trained, native Italian teachers, who have the expertise to teach Italian is a foreign language in the most appropriate and intersecting manner. Most institutes have tailored courses based on the intent of the learner. So, for business travelers there are professional business Italian courses, for students giving examinations in Italian there are examination preparation courses, and for general tourists or cultural, arts, and other researchers there are semi-intensive and intensive courses. Besides these, there are courses where language learning is combined with learning a hobby or sport such as cooking or cycling. In addition, there are courses specially designed for students under 16 years of age and for those above 50 years of age. Finally, if you are learning Italian for fun and want to feel the Italian culture, you can consider the homestay courses where you stay with a native who teaches you Italian and also gives you an opportunity to interact with the other natives.

Because Italy has a plethora of schools teaching Italian, it is all the more important for you to select the school that suits your needs the best. Some important considerations in this regard are:

The size of the group of students should be between 10-12 maximum, and their level of knowledge of Italian language should be same as yours.

The teacher should be a native of Italy.

The alignment of the objective of the course with the purpose for which you want to learn Italian language.
Some of the main schools of Italian language in Italy include:

Scuola Leonardo da Vinci in Milan, Florence, Rome, Sienna: This schools offers intensive and extensive as well a s part time courses with flexible duration options. It also alluring offers course plus accommodation offers many times. For detailed information on the school and its courses, refer to

Accedemia del Giglio in Florence: This school accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education offers group, one-to-one, and also crash courses in Italian language. Moreover, it also has option for home tuitions and online courses. For detailed information on the school and its courses, refer to

Italiaidea, Rome: This school is one of the well known language schools of Italy officially recognized by the Ministry of Education. It offers various individual and group courses and also special courses that train you in group conversation and exam preparation. For detailed information on the school and its courses, refer to

Pasolini Italian language schools, Tuscany: This school offers many courses in Italy from elementary to advanced. For detailed information on the school and its courses, refer to

The above is only a small list, and you can find a comprehensive list at

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