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There are many different business opportunities in Italy. You must remember that opportunities are constantly changing. The remodeling of the market has made it a more organized system. You can be certain that there are two different areas that are the best for doing business in Italy. These markets are in real estate and also tourism.

More specific, the hospitality services division. If you choose one of these, you will be a success in your Italian business ventures. It is so important to do your research very carefully before jumping in and spending your hard earned money on some project that could have been avoided.
Italian real estate investment is one of the biggest activities in the financial world. The Italian stock market is very small and has had its problems in the past. This has caused many investors to be overly protective with their investments. You can be sure that many of the residents of Italy own their own houses and the rest are available for buying and converting to vacation rentals. The scenic beauty of the country and the history has made it even more appealing to purchase real estate and live here.
The value of your investment of real estate will go up and give you something to be very happy about. The location for this real estate is one of the more important factors for potential business owners. You will want to focus on the better properties that are located in good places and not worry about the cost. When you get yourself a prime location, you are certain to get your money back and more. You can even take into consideration that the property you purchase can be used for a business or for a higher resale value. Abandoned properties in the more secluded places in Italy can be bought for a good price and with a renovation plan, can be resold for more than enough profit. Tourism is in full swing and there is going to be a demand for places to stay.
Tourism is the second type of business investment that does well in Italy. The diversity of the countries that are now adding to the tourism in Italy has increased. It is a common occurrence for the tourists to visit the more famous sights but, in the past few years, they have begun to move toward the smaller and less famous places. The country is becoming a relaxing and well known place to vacation.
Restaurants are a hot business investment. Who can deny the mouthwatering cuisine that is to be had in Italy? The traditions behind the food and wine have not changed much and the business aspect is good. Food is one of the main spending venues for tourists that visit. The business industry, in Italy, is ever increasing.  If you invest in the real estate, hospitality, or the tourism industry will definitely give you the profit and turnover you are expecting. With a careful plan of action, you can be successful in Italian business.
The business architecture and the economic framework are most favorable in Italy. The reforms that had initiated in late nineties in the 20th century have given a new dimension to the Italian business structure. It is more investor friendly and there are more economic reforms to attract foreign investments as well. The formation of European union, introduction of Euro, privatization of most of the businesses are some of the economic reforms that have taken place in Italy. There is a common currency all across the Schengen countries and all necessities for visas or custom controls, passports, etc. have been removed across the borders of the Schengen nations. Moreover, non-EU citizens have the benefit of longer stay now. They can freely roam about in the Schengen area, however, they are required to produce their passports and visa across all borders.
The public administration has been totally reformed as well as the banking system has also been totally re-organized. The existing laws have been streamlined and revised as per the civic needs. The administrative framework has been extremely simplified. The key sectors such as Energy, IT, Worker’s security have been grossly reformed.
The banking system has also been vastly reformed. There is more competitiveness amongst the banks due to implementation of EU norms and legislation. There are more mergers and acquisitions and larger number of strategic alliances. The total credit system in Italy is also inline with EU norms. The special credit institutions have undergone radical restructuring whether it is long term or short term credit structuring. Moreover, the insurance sector has also been liberalized. The private operators are more prevalent and competitive in the insurance sector rather than the government ones.
There is an efficient system of business incentive which has been grossly improved. This has made the business environment in Italy not only efficient but also more competitive.



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