Greetings from Italy!

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Contact and Connectivity

Public telephones are available all across the country. Calling cards (Carta Telefonica) can be easily purchased at any local shop, news stand, and coffee shop for local or international calls. Proper local or international dialing codes need to be prefixed before dialing any city in the country or overseas. Alternatively, if you want to save on your telephone bills you can run to the nearest cybercafés which are pretty easy to find in Italy. You can look up for the nearest café in the local directory or internet guide.

Another source of contact is the post and the mail addressed to any visiting foreigner needs to be addressed to local Post office marked as “Fermo Posta”. Any foreigner can claim the mail from the local post office after producing passport as a valid identification. Stamps are readily available at the local tobacco or coffee shop but the exact fare to the destination needs to be checked though.



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