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Transportation While In Italy

You want to ensure that while you are vacationing in Italy, you will have a way to get around doing all the things you have planned. There are many different options available to you. It just depends on where you want to go as to how you are going to get there. No doubt, you will want to see as much of the country as you possibly can while you are there. Make sure you have your camera for taking those photo memories.

If you plan on driving around Italy, you should know that any United States or Canadian driver’s license is valid in Italy.  Just make sure you are ready for this new driving adventure. The rule of thumb for driving is this; when in the city you do not need a car. It is too packed with people. When in the country you want to get the car. It may be a long walk from the country to where all the food and activities are. You certainly do not want to get tired from the walk before you get there!

Of course, you can always count of the airways to get you to Italy. This is the most important part of the transportation. When you are booking your flight, you need to remember that cheapest is not always best. You may need to pay for shuttling back and forth to different terminals. Try to also find another mode of transportation if you are planning to go to many different parts of the country. Air travel may be faster but, not always practical. Remember, you want to enjoy your vacation. Splurge and go first class. You will enjoy it so much.

Buses are another form of transportation available in Italy. Buses are a form of public transportation. You can find many different schedules for the buses on the internet. You can also just wait till you get to you destination and you will more than likely be able to get on a bus. The people are great and you will certainly enjoy the ride. You can also purchase your tickets from local shops and definitely go for a ride. The bus fares are most reasonable and allow you to see more when you are on the move.

Trains are a wonderful mode of transportation when traveling through Italy. It is the not only the cheapest mode of transportation but also the fastest and most enjoyable way to go. You will need to purchase your ticket and also a reservation for your seat. The best idea for you, when traveling by train, is to get what is called a Trenitalia Pass. This pass can be used for up to three days and if you need to, you can add more days to it. It makes better sense to go with this type of travel. Not only is it faster, it is also a much nicer ride.

There are also special Saturday trains on Trenitalia that you can enjoy on the weekends. The tickets for these trains cannot be purchased from the ticket window or the automated counters but you have to log on to the website or call the sales center at 89-20-21. Alternatively, you can also ask a travel agency to book the tickets for you. For as little as Euro 15 you can travel to the destination of your choice. But the limitation associated with these prices is that you only get direct trains. If you want to travel to other locations that are not directly connected to the home destination, you need to purchase a Euro 30 ticket.

Euro Star or the ES is the fastest train in Italy. Italy offers not only state-owned railway services but the privately owned railway services complete the necessity of the travelers. One can easily get a anytime, anywhere, any class tickets for 29 Euros. These tickets are based on first come first serve criteria. The same ticket is available of 39 Euros at other times. You can make a ticketless purchase via the Internet and also avail the promotional offers and discounts with these tickets. These tickets are similar to e-tickets offered by the airlines. You just need to flash a confirmation number to the conductor while boarding the train and the ticket is issued instantly. You just save yourself from long lines and any overhead charges. All the tickets issued clearly state the seat number, car number, train number, day, date and time of the train.

The most practical and fun way to get around Italy is by walking. Not only can you enjoy the breathtaking views but, it does not cost a thing. If you are going with a spouse or lover, walking will give you a chance to have some wonderful conversations that you will remember for years to come. A moonlit stroll after dinner in a dimly lit restaurant will do wonders!



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