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What’s your idea about an ideal vacation? Mine would be to enjoy the sunset over a perfect hill while listening to hummingbirds and watching people who return from vineyards and in the middle of all this, I will be looking forward to that delicious dish of Italian food that I cannot live without.

Sounds like a familiar craving? If your answer is ‘yes’, then cooking holidays in Italy are for you!…If you want your vacation to be memorable and filled with interesting activities that will teach you valuable lessons to take home, a cooking holiday in Italy is one of the best things you could settle for.

Some of the most exclusive hotels as well as farm houses facilitate cookery classes for tourists that teach them valuable gourmet secrets. If you happen to make a visit to Florence, Villa San Michele is one of the best places that you should check out. Villa San Michele runs cookery courses to keep the entire family busy and provide quality hands on experience under the guidance of top notch chefs. Their course cover everything from how to make pasta to making authentic Florentine dishes and includes tours to a famous pork butcher who is famous for salamis and to a vinery for vine tasting. The most interesting feature about San Michele’s cookery courses is that they conduct classes especially for children which teaches them how to make various sweets and desserts.

Similarly, Hotel Cipriani in Venice provides cookery classes through its well established cooking school. These courses too, are conducted by world renowned chefs and they will teach you everything about how to prepare a dinner buffer and lunch, the Italian way. However, it is worthy of mention that this course comes with a price tag as high as two thousand Euros per person for three nights. So if you are on a tight budget, you may want to consider a light-weight option.

Usually, farm house cooking holidays are not too expensive and they add value because the chefs will most probably disclose one or more gourmet secrets that is essential in preparing Italian food. If you make a request, they may even share family recipes with you. So farm house cooking holidays are a way more personal than settling in for a cooking school in the city. However, you may face the problem of the language barrier in farm house cooking holidays. So unless you want to learn the language along with Italian cuisine, you’ll have to settle for course conducted in English medium.

Cook in Italy ( is an interesting place to check out if you want the cookery lessons to be conducted in English. However, that is not the only option. If you do a Google search you will be bombarded with search results such as Convivo cookery school in Rome, ‘Flavors’ Italian cookery Holidays and many more similar services.

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