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So you want to make this vacation absolutely unique from every other vacation you have ever been on. You want your family to enjoy like they have never enjoyed before. What is the best way to realize this dream even if it means traveling to the same destination over and over again? The answer is very simple; you will only have to get on to a cruise and the rest of the magic will follow without a doubt!

Whether you sail on a rented – private yacht or on a major cruise line, the touch of luxury that will pamper you silly will be present in both cases. A cruise is always a refreshing experience in which you can sit back and relax to the sound of waves and enjoy the innumerous activities that take place on board.

Depending on from where you are getting on to the cruise to travel to Italy, the rates may vary. But generally, if you settle for a non-five star standard cruise, the rates will be lower than an airfare. However, the pricing will depend on from which corner of the world you travel. So if cost is a concern and if cruising is a passion, you could decide to cruise around Italy once you get there through other means.

Cruises that go around Italy most often stops at every port in the Mediterranean Sea. So you will most probably end up visiting Portofino, Capri and Sardenia. The stops at ports however are not the major concern of a cruise tour. You will find yourself spending majority of time in the middle of the sea, overlooking the infinite horizon and enjoying mouth watering food.

The major departing points for cruises include Civitavecchia, in Rome; Ports of Savona and Genoa. The latter embarkation points are supposed to be better than departing from Rome because you will become entitled to a tour up to Venice and back. Therefore, give some thought as to where you’d want to visit when you make your travel plan.

If you are ready for an experience different than exploring the vastness of the sea, you could settle down for a sailing excursion down River Po. These cruises usually consist of smaller groups (12-20 people) and you could contact an agency that will help you get on board. River Po is the longest river in Italy and it bears the humble status of feeding rice fields, vineyards and accommodating fishing. So if you want to explore Milan and Turin (two cities crossed by the river) in a different light, nothing can bring forward the experience than a cruising tour along River Po.

Other interesting offers may be available during summer vacation. So if you are traveling to Italy during summer, cruising is a good option to look at!



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