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The birthplace of many geniuses and many revolutionary concepts such as the renaissance, Italy bears eye witness to the rapid transformation our world has undergone. So where else on earth would be best to study culture, art and painting, other than Italy?

If you are planning on a long vacation ahead, why not look at the possibility of making it a vacation where you learn something to carry back home? This way, you will gain knowledge that you will carry for a life time and garner memories to cherish all life through.

If you are, particularly interested in studying art and culture, you should land in Florence; the epicenter of renaissance. When you visit the local attractions in Florence, you will feel as if a whole new world has opened before your eyes. You will also find artists from around the world admiring the beauty of architectures and various arts found in this historical city where once Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Donatello lived.

You will be simply mesmerized by artifacts that you find at the Uffizi museum in Florence which contains works from all renowned Italian artists. So whether you feel like sitting in the middle of the road and drawing as you please or whether you want to join an art school for a short course, Florence will be among the best places in Italy that you can visit.

If you want to taste the best of two worlds, Rome may be a better choice for you to settle in because artifacts from Rome resembles features of both renaissance and baroque eras. You will find that every attraction in Rome is a piece of art unique in its own way adding to the whole lively atmosphere of the city.  While you settle town for Culture, Art & Painting holiday in Rome, make a mental note to visit each and every museum that harbors the most amazing pieces of art work from every possible Italian artist.

Interestingly enough, many Italian institutions facilitate short and long courses in which they teach arts and culture. Depending on the city you land in, you may be able to find schools that provide one day workshops for a period of 10-14 days in which they introduce you to a different aspect of art, everyday. Some programs are formulated for different levels, so if you have studied level 01 during a previous vacation, you can proceed on to level 02 this time. These courses also include short excursions to local attractions, so as to provide practical insight in to what is being taught.

Apart from major cities that are historically important when it comes to art, other tourist destinations such as Lake Como and Largo di Garda (Lake Garda), have painting holiday packages on offer to keep the tourists occupied during their quiet vacation in the countryside.

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