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Flying from one airport to another does not mean you get to enjoy the beauty of a country. That is where rail tours come in to rescue. If your idea of a vacation is to eye witness as much as culture and beauty that harnesses in the land you visit, then you will be wise in choosing a rail tour to show you the way!

Rail journeys are one of the most enjoyable and most preferred ways of transportation in anywhere around Italy. It also can be known as one of the most independent ways of traveling because traveling by train means you need minimum directions and guidance.

Your best bet to travel around Italy would be to catch a luxury train (something like Euro-Star would be great!) which will keep you comfortable all throughout the journey. The comfortable seating and the speed at which it travels brings you minimum fatigue no matter how far you travel. The best thing about euro stars is that they travel to and from Italy, covering many destinations around Europe. So if you are in for a journey that thrills you ‘the fast and the furious-way’ and which will show you the beauty of Italian landscapes, will you complaint?

So if you are traveling in a group, either with family or friends, a rail tour will be a definite advantage over flying or driving away. After all, when you are in a train, the weather and bad drivers on the road cannot affect your mood, either.

When it comes to rail tours in Italy, you may want to determine the type of train you want to get in to depending on where you want to make the final stop. For example, if you get in to a Euro star (ES), you will not be able to get off at a smaller town. Instead, it is best to travel if you are departing from one major city to another. Then there’s Intercity (IC) trains that also run to and from all major cities. ICs are not as fast as Euro stars therefore, you may save quite a lot of money on the tickets if you travel by intercity. The next step down to Intercity is Inter Regionale (IR), Regionale (R) and Diretto (D). All these trains fall under the same class where comfort and quality are concerned. However, if you want to make a stop at a smaller town, this would be the ideal solution because these are the types that makes a stop in every train station and travels slower than any other kind. So as a result, traveling by these trains is extremely light on the pocket which may be an ideal deal if you are a budget traveler.

So if you are planning a rail tour around Italy, the best thing to do is to start your journey from a main city. This way, you will be able to find your way easily. Having an Italian map handy is a good idea nevertheless and the most important thing to do is to book the tickets beforehand.

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