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Nothing can compare to the culture of the Italian region. Not only does it have the beautiful country scenery, it has some of the most beautifully crafted architecturally designed buildings. There are many different and wonderful things that combine to make Italian culture what it is. Not only is it the history of yesterday but, it is also the future happenings of today.

Religion in Italy dates back farther than the 1st Century A.D. The major religion in Italy is Roman Catholic. There are only about 15% that are not catholic. They are either Protestant or Jewish. There is now equality in all religions to be able to practice however they choose and to be free to be something beside Roman Catholic because it was not the case so many years ago. The Vatican is in the center of Rome and is still the center of the Catholic Church. This history of religion has made church what it is today.

This Catholic culture also showcases its effects on the family values in Italy. Italy is one of the few countries in Europe where family ties are important and family values are given absolute importance. The catholic structure forms the foundation of the society. This is the main reason that the Italian exhibit strong familial bonds and ties. The children are also attached to the grandparents. Moreover, life is Italy is more influenced by the Southern culture that means people are more happy-go-lucky kind, easygoing and cheerful unlike in North where Germans are supposed to be more disciplined, strong, serious and strict.
Italian art and museums are a natural part of the Italian culture that absolutely completes the history of the region. During Ancient Roman times, the center of architecture and art was the heart of Italy. Many of the famous artists all hail from Italy. The Italian Renaissance was an intriguing part of the magnificent culture. Florence is the place to visit if you want to see the world’s best museums of art. You will come away with a deeper sense of the true meaning behind each and every piece.

The cinema offers the Italian vacation visitor a unique and long history of film. Pope Leo XIII was on the very first short movie that was played. He was filmed blessing the camera. Between 1903 and 1908, the three first film industry companies came into existence. They are the Ambrosio of Turin, the Itala Film, and the Roman Cines. These and other companies became so successful and popular that they began to sell outside of Italy. The theatre is traced back to the time of Rome and the heavy Greek influence. Drama and comedies have been acted out in the grandest style that Italy has to offer. From the 16th and the 18th century, the improvisational form of theatre was very popular and stylish. Traveling actors were very common sights as well.

Finally, music has many inspirations from the Italian culture. Society in Italy could not be what it is without the musical inspirations that have immerged. The music is a wide spectrum of different types of musical venues. You can enjoy everything from the traditional music to the old world classical music. With so many ethnic groups you are really in for a diverse sort of musical selection. Music definitely holds an important place in the Italian society. Italy introduced Opera to the world. The spectrum of Italian music is quite broad and it explores all the horizons of traditional opera to modern experimental classical music.  Modern day Italy carries music from all eras. Today, one can find traditional opera houses even from the Gothic era, theatres along with Radio stations, cinema houses featuring latest movies. Music is one eternal part of the Italian culture that carries the aroma of the past and fragrance of the modern culture equivocally.
Italian culture also has influence of the traditional folklore. Every region has its own history and a unique culture that is native of that region. Thus, it becomes imperative to individualize a single Italian folklore.  Each region has its own dialect, proverbs and tales, words and their uses. Even the traditional dress of each region is unique in its own way.

Whatever part of culture that you have decided to explore, you will definitely not be disappointed. Your vacation in Italy will be anything but dull and boring. You can relax in one of the many villas or you can go for the adventurous side of the region. Whatever you choose, you will have the best time you have ever had.



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