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Italy celebrates its festivals and annual events in its own unique way. All the events carry the typical impression of the Roman culture that has developed and adapted itself with the Germanic, Celtic, Austrian, French, etc. Each festival and event carries its own unique style and reason for celebration.

Like the whole western world, Italy celebrates 1st of January as the New Year Day which marks the beginning of the new calendar year. The traditional celebrations are centered around Piazza del Popolo which is marked by fireworks, music, concerts that roll late into the night till the new year begins.

6Th of January is marked as Epiphany which falls 12 days after Christmas. This celebration is everything about a good witch “Le Befana” who leaves candy in your sock hanging by the fireplace. It is celebrated in remembrance of Three Wise Men who brought gifts for baby Jesus.

February witnesses celebration of Mardi Gras or Carnevale Venice during 17-27 February. The last day of carnival is celebrated as “Shrove Tuesday” as the Lent begins. The children celebrate it in schools with music and sweets. Adults also have fun drinking dancing, eating and just being together. “Sfrappole” is the typical sweet that is distributed on this day.

Valentine Day is also celebrated on 14th February all across the country in remembrance of St. Valentine who used to give roses to prisoners in jail who used to be Christians. It is a tradition in Italy to get engaged on Valentine Day. Even the shops sell china cups and baskets tied with a ribbon and filled with valentine candies.

Almond Blossom Festival is also celebrated in the first week of February marked by folk music, dance, costumes and fireworks.

The Rome Marathon takes place each year in Rome somewhere late in March. It is usually flat but does have a few difficult points. The crowd support is usually good and you can enjoy a marathon on the trip to Rome.

Early April witnesses celebration of Vinitaly or the Wine Festival in Verona. The mid week of April is celebrated as Holy Week and religious processions are carried out throughout the country. One can see fireworks on Easter day in Florence which is celebrated as Scoppio del Carro. On the other hand, City of Rome celebrates April 21 as its birthday and enjoys it with fireworks and parades. 25th April is obsereved as a holiday in Italy as it is celebrated as Liberation Day. 25th of April is fêted as St Mark’s Day as a religious festival in Venice. Men in Italy present flowers to women they love on this day.

Just like the whole world, Italy also observed 1st of May as the Labour Day and all working offices are closed on that day. Florence celebrates Music Festival in early May or Mid June. 40 days after Easter, Italy celebrates the Virgin Mary Ascension Day as a religious festival throughout the country. Lemon festival is distinguished event in Monterosso, Italy. It is celebrated on the falling Saturday after the Ascension Day.

Pisa carries the tradition of celebrating the medieval festival, Battle of the Bridge on every first Sunday of June every year. Florence celebrates the Music Festival in Mid June or early May. Anniversary of the Republic falls on June 2nd. Various National Day Celebrations are carried out on this day. Corpus Domini or the procession on carpet of flowers is celebrated in June. St John Baptist days is observed in Monterooso and Florence. Florence also hosts Calcio Fiorentino or the costumed soccer gameand celebrates the game with fireworks. Religious festivals of St Peter Day and St Paul Day are observed on 29th of June especially in Rome and Corniglia.

Opera season starts in July and August in Roman Arena in Verona, Italy. Late June to early September is the season for open theatre cinema for contemprory films in Florence. IL Palio or the horse race event takes place in Siena. Verazza celebrates St Margeret day in July. Boat parade is carried out in Naples on first Sunday of july known as Murano Regatta. Similar festival Festa del Redentore  or the Feast and Regatta of the Redeemer  is celebrated in Venice accompanied by decorated boats and fireworks. Third Sunday of July is celebrated as Festival of Madonna de Carmine which is a religious festival accompanied with fireworks. One can enjoy Festa d’ Noantri in Rome which is a parade of folk dances, music and fireworks in Trastevere neighborhood.

Various religious festivals such as St Lawrence Day, Feast of Assumption is celebrated in August in Rome and throughout Italy. International Film Festival is also hosted in August in Venice.

Old time’s boat and pageantry is the Historical Regatta carried out in Venice. First week of September witnesses Festa della Rificolona which is a children’s pageant with lanterns, street shows, parades, etc. Many towns in the north of Rome celebrate Chestnut Festival whereas Walnut festival is celebrated in Late September.

Florence enjoys Ethic and folk music and dance as Musica dei Popoli Festival in Florence.

Italy observes closure on first of November as All Saint’s Day which is a religious festival. Venetian Thanksgiving is celebrated as Feast of Our Lady of Good Health.

Rome holds Christmas market in Piazza Navona in December. 8th of December is observed as Feast of the Immaculate Conception which is a religious festival and calls for some closures. Christmas is celebrated with grand galore all across the country. Saint Stephen’s day is celebrated as religious festival on December 26.



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