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Italian food is loved world over for its exquisite taste and flavor. Italian dishes have been savored and relished across the continents for ages. Italians are known for their pizzas and wines that carry a taste with a difference. A unique feature of Italian food is that each region contributes in its own unique way to the complete Italian cuisine.

Polenta, carbonade and chamois, served with Gamey and Chambave raisin wines are characteristic of Valle D’Aosta region. Fondue and truffles accompanied with Barolo, Barbaresco, Barbera, Nebbiolo and Gattinara wines are distinguished dishes of Piedmont region.

People in Lombardy relish are risotto, Zuppa pavese and ossobuco. One can really enjoy the “Panettone” cake of this region along with wines such as Barbagallo, Chiaretto and Tocai del Garda. The local style dishes of the Trent Alto Adige region are Trent-style hare, roast alpine lake fish, and strudel. They are eaten with wines such as Pinot Bianco, Bianco Val d’Adige Merlot, or moscato.

People in Friuli Venezia Giulia eat their San Daniele prosciutto luganighe and brodetto with a glass of Pinot, Tocai or Riesling. ON the other hand the Venetians enjoy Venetian-style liver, rice and peas and fish. Wines such as Soave, Bianco di Conegliano and Valpolicella are a good accompaniment to Vicenza-style dried cod. They impart their special taste and ambience to these Venetian delicacies.

The Ligurian sauce-“Pesto” is par excellence and the famous wine of this region Cinque Terre needs no introduction. The cuisine from Emilia Romagna is enriched with lasagna, sausages, meat dishes and Comacchio eels. Lambrusco, Sangiovese, Albana, Bianco di Scandiano wines form the accompaniments on the dinner table to these lip-smacking Ligurian dishes.

T-bone steak also known as Fiorentina is characteristic of Tuscany region that is relished with Chianti and Brunello da Maontalcino wines. These are one of the oldest wines are known world over for their taste. Norcia’s black truffles and Perugia’s confectionery are the delights from the Umbria region enjoyed with the classic regional wine – Orvieto. The typical dishes of Marche are Fabriano salami, tournedos alla Rossini, roast pig or the porchetta and the fish soup. The Piceno red and Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi are one of the best wines of the Marche region. Local dishes of Abruzzo like lamb, sgrippelle and maccheroni alla chitarra lend an exquisite taste to the Italian platter. They are eaten with Trebbiano wines anre Cerasuolo wines.

Dishes from Molise region are similar to those of Abruzzo viz., cavatelli, polenta and maccheroni alla that are accompanied by Montepulciano wine. Typical dishes of Lazio region are spaghetti alla carbonara, artichoke and lamb. The wines that impart a flavor to these wonderful Lazian dishes are famous Castelli wines and Montefiascone’s Est! Est! Est!

Lacrima Christi, Gragnano, Epomeo and Falerno wines join the typical dishes of Campania on the Italian dinner table. These dishes include clam and mussel soup, maccheroni, pizza  and sfogliatelle pastry.  The cuisins from Basilicata is more or less vegetarian as it is based on vegetables. The non-vegetarian platter offers the exquisite Garagusa sausages which are excellent in taste. The common wines of region of Basilicate are Aglianico, and Moscato del Vulture.

Fusilli, fish soup  and “recchietelli” are typical dishes of Puglia region that are enjoyed with several wines such as delle Murge or del Salento, Moscato di Trani, Aleatico. The aubergines cooked in hundreds of different ways are speciality of the Calabria region along with the exquisite “peseta incasata”. The best of the wines from this region are Ciro, Greco and Savuto.

The typical Sicilian dishes are cuscusu, caponata, pasta con le sarde and swordfish. This region is also rich in confectionery items that are splendid in taste and leave a long lasting taste in the mouth. The Sicilian region is laden with confectionay dishes such as marzipan, candied fruits, cassata siciliana. The wines in this region are also not lacking. One can easily find Marsala, Malvasia di Lipari, and Moscato di Pantelleria wines here.

Lobster and “porcheddu” or the roast suckling pig are uniqe to the Sardinian region that are accompanied with wines such as Vernaccia, Malvasia, Nuragus and Canonau.The itialian platter has loads of dished to offer no matter which tourist destination it is. Each region has its own unique wine, preparation to offer to its tourists.

Once can enjoy all kinds of Italian food while being on trip to Italy.

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