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Italy is a harbinger of style and culture. Its destinations like Rome state history and cultural amalgamation on one hand places like Milan mark the fashion statement in the modern world. One can find numerous festivals, carnivals or religious celebrations going out on the same day in the different parts of the country. No matter at what place you are in Italy, you can always is a part of grand gala celebration for some occasion.

Italy is the most modern and industrialized nation and yet it carries the air of medieval period and architectures, festivals, celebrations speak volumes about he tradition lying deep rooted in the Italian culture. Rome is the biggest and the most modern city of the country. It is a capital of the country and is the business hub of the nation. This city of seven hills built around river Tiber is one of the greatest tourist attractions in not only Italy but also whole of Europe.

It boasts of harboring one of the greatest empires in the history of the world. Rome is a lively and vibrant city which has one of the finest surviving architecture from the yester years. It carries the stories of aristocracy and papal rivalries, greatest battles and the democracy. It is also a city of religious and cultural importance due to its close proximity of the Vatican. It is the city to enjoy for food, culture, history, and celebrations with modern day business carried out every hour.

The most intriguing city of Italy or perhaps the whole of Europe that carries the bewitching habitat on the water is Venice. It speaks of romance in the moonlit night in the Venetian gondola. You can take a peaceful gondola and enjoy the journey along the Grand Canal. It has two main tourist attractions as Basilica di San Marco which is the mausoleum of city patron saint and Palazzon Ducale which is the home of doge and the governing councils.

The city is made of 118 islands all joint together with maze of canals and rivers. The best season to go is first part of winter or late autumn if you want to avoid the tourist crowd. February carnival in Venice is also one of the main tourist attractions.

It is known to be the most beautiful city of Italy. It speaks about the historical and political development in Europe and still retains the striking resemblance to the late medieval period in Europe. The city is fully laden with formidable galleries, treasure –filled churches and historic architectures.

The best time to visit Florence is from April to June or Sep/Oct when the prices are cheap and there is less tourist crowd. It is the regional capital of Tuscany at the heart of the country situated on River Arno. One of the most reproduced sights is Michelangelo’s statue of David. The most striking landmark of Florence in Italy is Brunelleschi’s dome situated on the Duomo.

Pisa houses one of the most important and historic monuments of the world which is the Leaning Tower. It acts as a shorthand image of Italy. But there is more than that meets the eye in the city of Pisa. Dozens of churches and palaces swamp the city. The four major buildings of Pisa mark their own impression as a tourist attraction. The Duomo and its Leaning Tower or the Bell Tower, the Baptistry and the Camposanto are the key buildings of the city arrayed with key precision.
One of the most expensive city equivalents to Florence which rips you off all your money in your wallet. It is the city that marks the starting statement in the fashion world all across the globe. It houses one of the biggest brands and designers of the world, all under one roof. It is ruled by time, money and modern day culture. It is the creative city of Europe all laden with worldly pleasures. Milan is comfortable most season of the year but August is one of the calmest months of the year.

Situated on the south of the country, city of Naples has a beauty of its own. It is the energetic city that screams, shouts and enjoys itself and makes its presence felt with noisy marketplaces. It is the country’s thirds largest city which is carries the typical climate of the Mediterranean. Most of the tourist areas have although been made safer, however, the city is still risky for a careless tourist or traveler.

It is the quiet and peaceful city of Italy that gives you to catch your breathe before you take up your further travelling to Florence or Venice. It is a city with dusky red-colored building from the Renaissance period, marble floors, arched porticoes and piazzas. Basilica Santuario della Madonna di San Luca is one of the key tourist attritions in the city.



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