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Abruzzo, also known as Abruzzi is situated in central southern Italy and is a region that meets the Adriatic Sea in the east and has a distance of 50 miles from Rome in its west. Having a population of roughly 1.3 million people, Abruzzo is divided into four provinces namely Chieti, Teramo, Pescara and L’Aquila where L’Aquila also serves as its regional capital. Animal husbandry and agriculture are the two major basis of economy in Abruzzo while fishing too has a significant part in it.

Abruzzo is an old charm region and there is an increasing tourist activity going back to discover that there; there are castles to discover and small medieval town fortresses to explore. The higher regions of Abruzzo has more snowfall than the Alps because of the precipitation from the Adriatic Sea and that helps to establish around 21 ski resorts in the area. These ski resorts invite many tourists from Rome because of its proximity to the place. Como Grande is the highest peak in the area and many other hills provide a wonderful opportunity for the tourists for climbing and hiking. On the other hand, the eastern region of Abruzzo is a beautiful 129km coastline with beautiful beaches that are among the best ones in the whole of Italy. The locals serve the best fish prepared in the most imaginative way along with various Italian delicacies like maccheroni alla chitarra, home-made pasta, meat sauce of lamb, bacon and pecorino cheese in large portions.

abruzzo Despite being not so populated, Abruzzo has a lot of festivals and people are always enthusiastic about celebrating. It is one of the safe places in Italy where people celebrate with their family and friends. Some of the festivals include the Procession of the Snake Charmers, Horse races, Cult of the Archangel Michael, an annual Culinary Festival, Festival of the Madonna, Costume festivals with fireworks and many colorful carnivals throughout the year. But how can celebrations be complete without any wine! Abruzzo is the place where the Abruzzi wine, Trebbiano d’Abuzzo was born and is popularly known. Though Abruzzo is a small region of Italy, it offers a wide range of sceneries, adventures, beaches, medieval history, food and festivities. Because of all these offerings Abruzzo is a must-stop for any modern day tourist to enjoy the slow paced, relaxed and beautiful environment with lots of friendly people and delicious cuisine in this peaceful region.

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