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Basilicata – South of Italy

Basilicata is a small region of Italy and is situated in south of Italy. It is a mountainous region which is mostly dry or scarcely watered. It has two coastal areas which accompany the Ionian and the Tyrrhenian Sea. Basilicata is divided into two provinces as well — named Potenza and Matera, where Potenza also serves as the regional capital. With a population of roughly 600,000 people, Basilicata is made up of 47% of mountainous region and only 8% of plains, whereas 45% of it is hilly in its geographical aspect. The total area of Basilicata is 9,987 sq km

The economy is based majorly on agriculture despite of scarce underground water and dry weather which makes the task a bit difficult. Wheat, potatoes and maize are some major crops of the region and some other crops which are also grown are olives and plums. There are also very small industries of chemicals and natural gas in Basilicata. Local crafts like ceramics, woodwork and textiles are lately flourishing in the area and hold a good promise for the future for these family owned businesses.

Basilicata has had a history of numerous earthquakes and the result can be seen in its local landscape which is quite fascinatingly diverse for such a small region but because of that it could not develop as an industrial area. It is also scarcely populated because of a lot of emigration in the past from this area to different parts of Italy. There are a number of small lakes in Basilicata which makes it quite an interesting area to discover its different regions. Some small rivers and lakes worth a mention are River Gravida, River Bradano, Basento,River Cavone, Agri, Sinniand the the lakes of San Giuliano, Lake of Pietra del Petrusillo and Lake of Abate Atonia.

A lot of Neapolitan influence can be seen in the region, tourists can have a look at the remains from the Greek era in Metaponto and the remains of the Roman era in Venosa.the Archeological Museum in Potenza and Ridola National Museum give a chance to look at an interesting collection of paintings from the 17th and 18th century Neapolitan era, prehistoric Roman relics and ceramics dated from Bronze. Medieval castles and churches display a fascinating architecture of historical art. The people are very friendly and are a pleasure to meet and they are known to go an extra mile to welcome and help the tourists to discover the beautiful and cute little region of Basilicata. Overall, it is a very quite and ethnic place to visit and discover in Italy in an intimate way.



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