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scilla calabria Calabria is situated in southern Italy and is also popularly refereed to as the ‘toe’ of the Italian peninsula. It is situated south of Naples (Napoli) and has a population of 2 million people. It is a coastal region of Italy with the Tyrrhenian Sea and the lonian Sea on its sides and is known for the cleanest and most unspoiled beaches in Italy. It has a wonderful geographical combination of being mountainous while always being surrounded by the sea. The three main mountain ranges are the Pollino, La Sila and the Aspromonte; and they are all unique in their flora and fauna — some of them have dense forests and some are wide-aired plateaus and some are plain, vast and fertile for agriculture. The coastlines give a view of beautiful wild nature.

Catanzaro is the regional capital of Calabria and other two main cities in Calabria are Reggio Calabria and Cosenza. It is located at the narrowest point of Italy from where both the Tyrrhenian Sea and the lonian Sea are visible. It is one of the well known tourist places where they also witness the one arch bridge.

pentidattilo calabria The economy is mostly based on agriculture with the olive plantations of 70%. Calabria has 2 major ports in Reggio Calabria and Gioia Tauro, where Gioio Tauro is the largest port in Italy spreading to a span of 4,646 meters and working with more than 3000 ships. It is also considered as the seventh largest in whole of the Europe.

Calabria is known for its delicious pasta which is served with meat sauce or is baked with eggs. The region has typical southern Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. Some local specialties are: Caciocavallo Cheese, red onion, Frìttuli or fried pork, Liquorices, pasta with chickpeas and cheese of Sheep. Because of the different weather conditions and a possibility of crop failures, the Calabrians are in a habit of preserving their food in good quantities.

tropea calabria Calabria is a fantastic place to visit and experience nature at its best and it is beautiful place to participate in some festivals and enjoy while you are there. Some of the well known festivals are Swordfish Festival, Festival of Madonna del Rosario, Hot Pepper Festival, Saint’s Day Festivities, Albanian Folklore Festival , Wild Mushroom Festival , Easter Procession, Calabrian Folklore Festival and of course the Vibo Valentia — the Pasta Festival!



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