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Lazio, is a region in Italy that is centrally located. It has the Tyrrhenian Sea to its west which creates a beautiful coastal line and is bordered by Tuscany, Umbria and Marche in the North. Lazio is the center of the Italian political life as the government and the Parliament of Italy is situated there. It is also the center of the Catholic world as it includes Vatican City in its area. Lazio is divided into five provinces: Province of Frosinone (FR), Province of Latina (LT), Province of Rieti (RI), Province of Roma (RM), Province of Viterbo (VT). Rome, also called Roma in Italy, is the capital city of Lazio. The population of this region is about 5.6 million people where more than half of the population lives in and around Rome.

Geographically, Lazio is very unique, it has plains and hills; there are mountains in the area of Reiti and there are many lower mountains of volcanic origins in the north which have given birth to various beautiful lakes. While on a visit to the Lazio region, tourists find a rich cultural, architectural and religious heritage. There are old castle walls, Roman remains, cobbled pathways, art museums’, ruins and delicious food! Rome is the center of attraction for tourists in the whole Lazio region. Some places to visit in Rome are the Coliseum, Roman ruins, Castle of San Angelo and many other historic structures. Vatican City is one of the big tourist attractions where people can visit the Basilica and also can be witness to some great arts of Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci in the Vatican Museum.  Tivoli and Frascati are other two areas which attract a lot of tourists because of its natural wilderness and mountainous landscapes and of course the old castles!

The Province of Latina is situated between Rome and Campania and it runs for 100 km along the coast. It contains beautiful sandy beaches and well known holiday resort of Sperlonga. Fiuggi is another holiday spa resort and is renowned for its thermal springs.

Lazio is known to be the heart of the Roman Empire, it is full of wonderful castles, archeological sites, classic restaurants, museums housing genius works, beautiful coastlines and beaches, gorgeous natural sites and most of all very friendly and jolly people — keeping all these facts in view, Lazio is a great destination In Italy that is worth visiting and experience its diverse features.



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