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Liguria in north-western Italy

Liguria is situated in the north-western area of Italy and it is a coastal region. The beaches are beautiful and have been filmed in many movies. Liguria is one of Italy’s smallest regions but has the country’s largest commercial port and naval port. The population of Liguria is 1.6 million people and the capital city is Genoa. The coast of Liguria is divided into two parts according to its natural features. The Riviera di Levante is on the eastern side and is full of hills and cliffs over the sea which offer beautiful scenery; while the Riviera di Ponente is on the western side and includes all the bays and the beaches. Some important cities of Liguria are Imperia, Savona and La Spezia.
Agriculture and tourism are the major basis of economy in Liguria. The production of olives, grapes and flowers is widely done for producing wines and olive oils. The oil oil of Liguria is considered more delicate than the one produced in Tuscany. Tourists come to enjoy the beaches, nature and numerous beach resorts which have increased recently. Cargo is shipped to and fro the Port of Genoa from different parts of Europe and other continents. The tourist / passenger traffic comes to this port from Sicily, Nice, Barcelona and Canary Islands.

The ruins of the Romans can be seen in Ventimiglia and Lunigiana districts. Riviera di Ponente has various castles, towers and walls which belong to the medieval times and a lot of Baroque architecture can be seen there. St. Paragorio in Noli is a perfect example worth a visit to see the Romanesque architecture among many more. The Gallery of Palazzo Bianco in Genoa has an invaluable collection of paintings from Ligurian painters and the Gallery of Palazzo Rosso contains old rich Ligurain ceramics and Chinese pottery. The Museum of Oriental Art has treasures collected over the centuries by the Genovese navigators. The Naval Museum in Nervi contains Paleolithic collections and the 16th century paintings. La Spezia contains statues and sculptures from the ancient Lunigiana.

Abbazia di Santa Maria della Castagna, Santuario di Nostra Signora del Monte and Monastero di Santa Croce del Corvo are the three monasteries in Liguria which are open for tourists for a visit and stay at a low cost. It is a unique experience to stay there and know the religious side of Italy. Some most frequented and fascinating holiday resorts in Liguria are San Fruttuoso, the Natural Park of Capo Noli, “Le Cinque Terre” (the Five Lands)and Punta Chiappa.



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