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Lombardy, known as Lombardia in Italian, is a region of northern Italy has its international border with Switzerland in its north. Lomardy is situated in the foot of the Alps, so its northern borders are made up from the Lepontine, Rhaetian and Orobic Alps. The region of Lombardy lies between the Alps and the river Po. The river Po and the lakes of Varese, lseo, Como and Garda make the region green and fertile. The capital of Lombardy is Milano which also serves as the financial hub for this region as well as for the whole Italy.

With a population of about 9.7 million people, the economy of Lombardy is based on service sector. Lombardy is also considered as the main industrial area of the whole country of Italy. Some of the important industrial cities of Lombardy are Varese, Como, Lecco, Bergamo and Brescia whereas Milano serves as the city to provide employment and provides services in different sectors, especially the financial sector. Agriculture is done in the provinces of Sondrio, Pavia, Cremona, Mantova and Lodi and because of the fertile land plus the abundance of water. Some of the major crops are of rice, wheat, maize and sugar beet. The plains in the higher regions grow vegetables, fruit trees, mulberries and the vines are grown in the Alps. This helps in production of sparkling wines of Franciacorta and that are a specialty of Lombardy.

Lomabardy offers a lot of variety to visit in the whole of Italy. There are a lot of beautiful Alpine glaciers in the area of Oltrepò and a lot of green and clean natural scenic views to cherish. Mountaineering is a great option to choose to discover this area. The areas near the rivers and lakes of Lombardy offer a great chance for cycling tours. There are various ski resorts in Bormio, Madesimo, Aprica, Livigno and Ponte di Legno. Lomabrdy is known for its 133 preserved areas, Stelvio National Park and Adamello Park are the two protected reserves that are open for viits and experience some wild safaris. Even though the region of Lomabrsdy does not have any coast as it does not touch the sea anywhere, it is gifted with various numbers of lakes and lakesides are very beautiful areas. Lomardy has 400km of riverbank. There are old and noble villas to see and many golf courses welcome the tourists to play their shots. Milano is the center of fashion and upper high-class lifestyle and is a place that makes and breaks trends and fashions. It is the fashion capital of not only Italy but of the whole world. Lomabardy is a wonderful region with diverse and distinguished natural scenes and lifestyle and should be visited and experienced at least once!

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