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Piedmont or Piemonte in Italian, is located on the northern side of Italy.  It borders with France and Switzerland and is surrounded by the Alps on 3 sides. The capital city of Piedmont is Turin and the total population of the region of Piedmont is 4.4 million people. The word ‘Piedmont’ in Italian means ‘the foot of the mountain’ and it was inhabited by the Celtic tribes before the Romans took over it.
The economy if the Piedmont region is based on production of wines, livestock production, industrial centers and tourism. This region has the maximum number of vineyards which are DOC and DOCG accredited and produce the most appreciated and world famous wines. Some of them are Dolcetto, Barbera, Barolo, Nebbiolo, Barbaresco,  Malvasia, Grignolino, and Asti Spumante and many others. Other than that, about 10% of Italy’s cereals like rice and maize, fruits and milk are produced in the region of Piedmonte. Rearing of cattle and sheep are highly done for meats and production of milk and cheese. The region of Piedmonte has its industrial basis in form of Fiat automobiles in Turin, the tissue and silk production industry is housed in Biella and the world famous delicious Ferrero’s chocolates are produced in Cuneo.

Tourism plays an important part in the economy of this region. As the borders of Switzerland and France touch Piedmont, there is a lot of inflow of tourists from there as well. The high mountains of this region provide gorgeous ski resorts. The Alps provide a wonderful opportunity for an adventurous playful winter vacation as well as a classic and cool summer vacation. The mountains of Monviso, Gran Paradiso, Monte Rosa, Argentera provide an amazing scene of the nature there. Because of the inflow of many tourists to these places, some forest area is well protected and conserved as well as some silent areas have been protected for experiencing silt walks and intimate moments. There are wonderful opportunities for trekking as well as horse riding. There are lovely views to adore, such as castles, sanctuaries, abbeys and country churches.  There are small villas and gardens on the shore of the rivers that act as retreats for elite tourists. The shores of Lakes Maggiore and Orta are most visited river shores. The provinces of Novara and Vercelli provide a vast view of the plain chequered green fields of rice-paddies, lakes and small townships of medieval Roman art.

Basically, the region of Piedmont is a combination of great nature, wonderful scenes, modern industries and gorgeous lake sides and it is a unique experience to visit and spend some time there.

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