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Tuscany, known as Toscana in Italian, is extended over the heart of central Italy. It is roughly triangular in shape and touches the northern part of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Situated near the central Apennines, Tuscany is surrounded by mountain ranges and few plains. Florence is the regional capital of Tuscany and also its historical center. The population of Tuscany is 3.6 million people and it has an area of 8,876 sq. miles. This region is known as the greatest repository of art in the whole world as it contains masterpieces of paintings, sculptures and architecture. Some of the important cities of Tuscany, other than Florence, are Siena, Pisa, Pistoia, Lucca, Massa, Prato, Arezzo, Grosseto and Livorno.
Tuscany is a rich mineral area and a large part of its economy is based on its mineral resources like copper, iron ore, mercury and soffioni. There are a lot of marble mines too in the area of Versilia in Tuscany. Agriculture is still a part of Tuscany’s economy and cereals, potatoes, olives and grapes are grown there. Rice, tobacco, beet and sunflowers are also grown in the swamped areas of the region.  Other industries include textiles, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, steel, glass and ceramics, clothing, printing and publishing. Chianti wines are the most famous wines produced in Tuscany and our world renowned.

Tuscany is tourist’s paradise. It is associated with the art, culture and creativity and has been the birthplace of great artist like Dante, Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. This is the region where the Renaissance sprouted. Tuscany is full of thermal waters and hot springs. Saturnia, Montecatini and Chianciano are some areas for golf and wonderful spas. There are historical villages to visit which have priceless artworks and some of the most frequented are Cortona, Montepulciano, Fiesole, San Gimignano, Montalcino,Pienza and Volterra. There are six sites that have been protected by UNESCO in Tuscany and are the main attractions of the region, they are: the historical center of Florence, the square of the Cathedral of Pisa, the historical center of San Gimignano, the historical center of Siena and the Val d’Orcia.

Tuscany has a wide variety of delicious cuisine, from fish to soups to meat to pasta of different kinds. Finocchiona or aromatized pork, Livorno’s caciucco or fish soup and Pisan cèe, the meat of a new-born eel are the topmost delicacies of the Tuscans. Other lip smacking treats include ribollita soup, bean and lard soup as well as prosciutto ham. Pappardelle pasta with hare ragù, black rice and tomato pappa are the top pasta dishes of the area.

Right from historical art to modern ski resorts and lip smacking treats, Tuscany has it all and provide and experience to remember.

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