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Valle d’Aosta in the north west of Italy

Valle d’Aosta is a region in the north west of Italy  and has its borders with France in the west and Switzerland in the North. The Aosta Valley, as it is known in English, has the region of Piedmont in its south and east. It is called Val d’Aosta in French and the regional capital of the region is Aosta. It is the smallest region in Italy and has a population of only 120,000 people. Valle d’Aosta, as its name defines, is a valley in the Alps and some of the well known peaks are of Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa and the Matterhorn, with Mont Blanc being the highest peak and well known. Valle d’Aosta is a single province and is divided into 74 communes.
The economy of the region is based on agriculture, metal industry and tourism. Since the construction of dams in Valle d’Aosta, the hydroelectricity started to be provided and also started a metal-working industry in the area. Cereals, potatoes and fruit are grown in this area and the region also contains a lot of vineyards through which small quantities of rich and quality wine is produced. Raising of cows allows a rich production of milk and cheese. Tourism has emerged as one of the flourishing aspect in the economy of Valle d’Aosta. The pleasant summer months and the green beauty invite tourists for hiking and trekking whereas in winters, the region is flocked for its skiing and winter sports.

This tiny region has a lot more to offer to the tourists, there are about hundred castles to visit, historical Gothic sculptures, modern ski resorts, hiking trails, wild gorgeous views of nature, village churches with Baroque architecture and last but not the least, Europe’s largest casino is housed in Valle d’Aosta. A breathtaking cable car ride over the Alps to Chamonix is full of great fun and thrill. Gran Paradiso is Italy’s oldest national park and preserves a unique mountain goat called ibex and a safari through it is mind blowing. The open-air markets sell wooden objects of art and wooden utensils and lace.  These open-air markets are located in almost every town and the main three of them are located in Donnas, Aosta and Verrès. The elegant center of Saint Vincent displays beautiful architecture and artwork of the past era. The folk festivals in Valle d’Aosta are colorfully celebrated each month in Valle d’Aosta with lot of singing, dancing and free food for all participants!



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