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June 4th, 2011

Spettacolissimo – Agostino Ferrente

February 19th, 2011

Agostino Ferrente già regista de “L’orchestra di Piazza Vittorio” ha ora girato il nuovo video musicale dei Têtes de Bois “Alfonsina e la bici” con una guest star d’eccezione Margherita Hack.

Italian-Australian Family History Group

An Italian-Australian Family History Group that operates under the auspices of Co.As.It. at Casa d’Italia in Leichhardt. Our members are keen to retain their Italian heritage, trace their respective family tree and record events pertaining to their ancestors.

Catanzaro Calabria Italy

catanzaro _calabriaCatanzaro is an important city of Italy and is known to be the city of two seas. It is the capital of Calabria region and is rises on a rock and is split into two parts by the Fiumarella valley and is connected by a huge concrete steel bridge, the Viadotto Morandi. It is one of the highest bridges of Europe and built by Riccardo Morandi. Visitors can see both the Ionian and ‘Tirreno’ seas in one single day. Catanzaro Calabria Italy…

Capri Italy

capri italyCapri is a beautiful island resort on the southern side of the Gulf of Naples. It falls in the region of Campania and the city of Capri is the center Capri region. Capri has been a favorite vacation spot since the Roman times and has a Greek etymology to its name, which come from the Greek word ‘Kapros’ meaning wild boar. It is divided into 3 towns according to its geographical layout – Capri, which is the center; Anacapri, which is the higher town and Marina Grande, the part where the harbor is. Capri Italy…

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